Monday, October 31, 2011

28mm ww1 Germans progress report

 These  guys are coming along not quite there but getting closer
I'm working on the ground tonight, I want it to look quite muddy and wet 
so after three layer of paint I've now added a brown dye. the picture at the bottom is a test figure with 
a thin layer of wallpaper glue that dries clear well that's what i'm hoping for i will add the odd tuft of dry brown grass and maybe  a couple with very dark green grass  but i don't think i will add any static grass. Have to see what the client say when he see's my end result.

 How will it dry i'll let you know later

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Painting desk update

 It's been a while since my last post I've been away for a week then ended up redoing me sons bedroom but i have managed to do a bit so here's the lads.
First up my second lot of cuirassiers once these are done i'll start on 3 regiments of Dragoons

I've also been working on Reg's Heavy and light limbers plus a few more Austrian commanders for his syw lots of work still to do on the limbers and commanders

Last Friday i started work on some ww1 Germans another commission still quite a bit of work still to do but they are now looking the part

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Afghan fighters 28mm

 I've based a few of the figures i have painted up of the latest comission forReg . He supplied me with a few test bases, and they are real nice he got them of trademe NZ. so here are a few pics let me know what you think

 I think there 22 figures per side painted so far but i have another parcel here ready to start
 I think i might repaint this guys moo as it looks like i slipped with the white brush

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Caesar and Vercingetorix 28mm

Chris asked my to paint up this Wargames illustrated diorama for him i while back. This afternoon when i sat down to paint i though maybe it was time to get it finished sadly the photos don't do it much justice. 

Saturday, October 8, 2011

French 28mm Napoleonic army so far

 well four months ago i wasn't even thinking about French 28mm armies and didn't own a single figure it's amazing what a wee bit of madness and a steady painting hand can do i still have a lot of figures left to paint yet but really pleased with the progress so far especially when you think i've been painting more for others than i have for myself
 this light regiment below is one of my favourites
 the first of four regiments of Dragoons

28mm Front Rank French Napoleonic line finished

I finished these today it's the third of my Front Rank Battalions, I really enjoy painting Front Rank they are a really nice crisp figure. Thanks Roger for the eagles they just finish them off.

Friday, October 7, 2011

28mm Hanoverian Hardenberg finished

I've finished this Regiment today i will put the flags in when i send them off but still have to print them out but this is the last chance of a picture as i'm away off to Auckland.

 I really pleased with the end result which is good because there are a lot more to do.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

last nights game- the death of my army

 Oh what a fun game we had last night I was versing Craig and Martin  and it fell to me to attack so with 8 regiments of infantry and one heavy artillery i set to messin up my old Russian foes
 here i am lined up ready for battle
 I make an attack down both flanks
 Craig and Martin left the guns undefended so i march straight down the centre
 things still look pretty good for my lads at this stage but in my next turn i fail all my attacks and this proves to be vital.

 The Russian reserve cav arrive things are not looking the best

 even though i survived the canister i took so many hits i could no longer attack i was then forced into square and the attacked by heavy cav which bounced twice the second time i had moved a second regiment behind so they could not break off and they were destroyed.
 my right flank is destroyed by Martins forces
   I get my reserve cav and send one against Craig's guns and one against Martin on my right Martin forms square and i bounce twice
 My flank completely crumbles
 In the distance my cav destroys Craig's guns and then in turn is destroyed by Craig's cav as you can see the rest of my army is falling back, end of game one to the Russians

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

28mm Front Rank French (somethings wrong)

Almost there but then what do we find after cutting the pole on the first flag to short i quickly did another and you wouldn't believe it, it's upside down and really stuck fast. they had to be my GMB flags that i ordered from England. I can only hope that i can get the pole out later. 
Still waiting on the enamel paint i mix with turps for the bases hopefully here tomorrow

 I changed the cuffs on these lads had it a bit wrong on the last lot
 what a bummer

Monday, October 3, 2011

28mm syw Hanoverian based

I've based them just waiting on some paint to start the painting of the bases. I'm really pleased with the final result and can't wait to see them completed then of course like most figures i paint boxed up and sent on there way to their rightful owner. I think that Reg will really enjoy this army when completed