Tuesday, October 4, 2011

28mm Front Rank French (somethings wrong)

Almost there but then what do we find after cutting the pole on the first flag to short i quickly did another and you wouldn't believe it, it's upside down and really stuck fast. they had to be my GMB flags that i ordered from England. I can only hope that i can get the pole out later. 
Still waiting on the enamel paint i mix with turps for the bases hopefully here tomorrow

 I changed the cuffs on these lads had it a bit wrong on the last lot
 what a bummer


  1. Oops!!!!
    Napoleon would have your head chopped off!

  2. Beautiful work; wow - that upside down flag is a cry for help :)! Best, Dean

  3. Always been worried about doing that with my GMB flags.Did it once but realised just after I stuck it on and was able to get it off in time, now I check and recheck several times while I'm in the prosess of gluing them. Hope all is not lost.

  4. flag was safely removed and reattached before my French army was put to the sword by a Russian horde last night it was a very messy afare little french regiments dying everywhere

  5. Well done that man, glad to hear it all ended well.