Wednesday, October 5, 2011

last nights game- the death of my army

 Oh what a fun game we had last night I was versing Craig and Martin  and it fell to me to attack so with 8 regiments of infantry and one heavy artillery i set to messin up my old Russian foes
 here i am lined up ready for battle
 I make an attack down both flanks
 Craig and Martin left the guns undefended so i march straight down the centre
 things still look pretty good for my lads at this stage but in my next turn i fail all my attacks and this proves to be vital.

 The Russian reserve cav arrive things are not looking the best

 even though i survived the canister i took so many hits i could no longer attack i was then forced into square and the attacked by heavy cav which bounced twice the second time i had moved a second regiment behind so they could not break off and they were destroyed.
 my right flank is destroyed by Martins forces
   I get my reserve cav and send one against Craig's guns and one against Martin on my right Martin forms square and i bounce twice
 My flank completely crumbles
 In the distance my cav destroys Craig's guns and then in turn is destroyed by Craig's cav as you can see the rest of my army is falling back, end of game one to the Russians


  1. Been there, done that. I feel your pain!

  2. Nice battle report. Thanks for sharing with lot of pictures.

  3. Very nice photos and a very enjoyable post. The French morale will be lifted when they get their egales!! They will blow the Russians off the table then!

  4. Been there too - I always feel a little guilty that I let the troops down after one of my many battlefield blunders! Looks like your French may need some calvary!

    Great looking game and the figures are top-notch!

  5. Great looking game - love the figures. I almost thought the first image was of a RJW game - the Russian flags made me think of the Rising Sun :)! Best, Dean

  6. Great photos of a beautiful table and minis, and a really fine report.

  7. Ooops! Cursed dice but smashing looking game and photos.

  8. Very good report. I really liked the phrase "things are not looking the best." next time...

  9. The St Petersburg Grenadiers flag does look like a rising sun!

    The 15mm buildings worked well Kent and don't feel out of place with 28mm figs given the ground scale.

    We do need an 8ft table though- it is almost impossilbe to flank artillery on the 6ft table

    Looking forward to our next game


  10. Hey mate, what rules are you using for your Nappie games? If it is posted here and I missed it please forgive me. Anyway long time no talk to, I hope to be posting back on my blog soon as I have convinced one of the my local gaming group guys to get into historicals(Napoleonics) which is no small feat as he is a die hard fantasy/sci fi guy. Anyway just saying hello and cheers.. Anyway please let me know on the rules you use...

  11. Very nice read. The miniatures are lovely as usual. Thank you for sharing.