Sunday, June 24, 2012

French Imperial Guard wip update 2

Can the prat that stuffed up my my text piss off and find something useful to do with there lives
As you can see from my fine words above someone decide to white out my words what a dick
Obviously has no talent of there own so decides to muck other peoples blogs up.
Anyway this is where i'm at with this weeks work
 One thing i hate about these victrix figures is the bayonets they just break so easily i must have broken 5 plus today i noticed a standard was broken as well, if only they had a better plastic like the Perry figures. Is it just me or does anybody else have this problem


  1. Looking good mate.

    btw, it looks as though you've been hit by the "Blogger inserting white background to text" thing for the text after the first pic. To clear it, you'll need to go into the HTML view of the edit page. I've been hit with it a few times, particularly on bulleted lists

  2. I keep getting that as well, Its a right pain in the arse!!! Great looking figures though Kent!!

  3. Those look really good. BTW, I hate blogger too - I don't know why they fell compelled to keep fiddling with things.

  4. These are looking great as are the rest of the figs on this blog. I'm starting to work on a box of French Line from Victrix and have had a few bayonets brake off already as well.


  5. Looking good Kent :)

    re the Victrix bayonets, yes I also have the same problem with victrix. The perry plastics are defiantly stronger in the bayonet department.

    Also since I prefer not to use figures in shooting poses, it turns out that the perry boxes work out slightly cheaper due to a lot less shooting poses in the box.


  6. Hi,

    Great update, the figures look excellent!

    I tend to use a small amount of Superglue on very thin plastic parts to strengthen them. Sometimes a light coat over the fragile part. Not a perfect solution but for the price we do get spoiled with great figures :)