Thursday, September 16, 2010

front rank 28mm Austrian syw command based and finished

here's the command figures for Reg's Austrian commission that i am working on. I'm going to take a wee break from these guys and start a 15mm Britons army thats been waiting long enough,

this first one on the brown horse is Prince Charles of Lorraine

and this fella on the black horse is Baron London, I actually couldn't find a single picture for this guy so hope there's nothing to different about his uniform no doubt if there is someone out there will let me know


  1. Kent - these are really nice. I do like Front rank too - I'm doing their Archduke Charles figure at present. The Austrians have always appealed to me. You asked on Chris' blog about their SYW artillery. They were essentially the same in colours as the Napoleonic era. The guns are all strong yellow ochre with black metal. The gun crews were all in brown jackets with brick-red facings, white pants with black leggings and tricorne headgear. Hope this is what you were after.


  2. Gorgeous Kent,
    Really impressed with your quality and your output (you put me to shame).

    How do you stay so focused? Do you ever need to put the paints away for a break? It must be the air in NZ.

  3. WOW Kent, are you a full time painter cus your output is awsume

  4. Thanks Doc I'm going to take a wee break from the austrians and start some 15mm bBritons

  5. Paulalba i just love painting always have, i do look forward to next year doing a bit more of my own figures but these past two years i have managed to improve my skills by painting others figures and quite a few i must add

  6. Hi James no i am not a full time painter i paint 2 -3 nights a week abnd every lunch time at work i have worked out ways to paint fast but still end up with a nice finish comes with continually painting for years without a much of a break

  7. Lovely work. I especially like your basing!
    On the dragoon posting you mentioned worrying about the flags breaking off in the post. To post figures back to customers I wrap the figures in cling film, put them in a deep enough box and then fill the entire box, all around the figures and right to the lid with puffed wheat cereal. It's light, cheap and bio-degradable. You should be able to shake the box and nothing moves. Any movement open it up and add more puffed what. Make sure the box is big enough there's a layer of packing material around the figures to cushion any blows.

  8. thanks for th James, I just heard back from AJ said that the parcel i sent him looked like it had been kicked stomped on and run over by a truck and it managed to servive, thanks to extra packaging.