Friday, September 10, 2010

28mm Artizan US Paras and how i paint faces

I've started some 28mm Artizan US Paras this week still a long way to go but still though you might be interested they are great figures to paint and i am looking forward to finishing them and basing them i have some German figure also, and a whole heap of bolt action metals coming

As you can see still more to do , the guy in the middle needs varnishing but since this will be my first attempt i intend to do a few older figures as a test first, as i think that being based in singles they might get knocked over a bit and need extra protection.

this is my new way of painting faces even though these pictures don't look the best the photos above show the end product, tallern flesh base then a orgyn flesh wash paint in the next layer dwarf flesh leaving very little of the base colour i then do another wash of orgyn flesh and paint the same flesh colour in again leaving a lot of the base coat this time note if the paint is to thick the faces just don't come up nice at all , i then do a very light dry brush of 75/25 elf flesh and bleach bone use very little paint, then a final highlight of the same mix do fine work on nose chin and highest part of check bone. there should be one more photo but i haven't done this part yet


  1. These are looking great. Looking at the colors it is the Normandy period, the M1942 Uniform.
    The uniform used in Market Garden and later had a a darker green color, the M1943 Uniform.
    The info given is for when you like to try the other color.

  2. Very nice; great look to the shading of the folds. Dean

  3. yes you are correct this is the 1942 uniform
    Thanks for that

  4. They are painting very well, thanks for the tips on the face painting

  5. Like the figures and specially teh faces. I have always have problems painting faces, I find the most difficult and frustrating part