Saturday, September 18, 2010

28mm building update, nearly there

Well here we are again this is my first 28mm building which i started the other day still have to udercoat and paint the roof yet but i'm starting to get there, this is the first but not the last so i'll have to think of what to do next any suggestion out there

The floor tiles are cut from 400gsm card  10x10 square
the wooden2nd and 3rd  floors are balsa scored with a pencil glued onto 5mm mdf, the walls of the house are made from the same mdf which was lying around at work.
the house has been coated in a mixture of pva glue sand, polly filler and water and then brushed over the whole house, then undercoated black before painting

the door is just card board strips glued on


  1. Nice Mordheim building :)
    I specially like that grass, it look cool.

  2. This is KILLER! The color selections are spot on!

  3. Good job Kent.

    I'll bring some corktile on Wednesday- it is much easier to work with than MDF.