Wednesday, September 1, 2010

update (2) 28mm Austrian 7yrs wars dragoons

The photo below has the face finished, with the third highlight,I've added a comment on how to achieve this, I will do a step by step of how to achieve this. on the next job.

I managed to spend a bit of time tonight after coming home from band practice and these guys are starting to look like dragoons still a long way yet, I' still hoping to have them finished by the end of the week but it all depends on family and finding the time. I suppose thats what happens wgen you are a part time painter.

I've now put three layers of green on the coat one on the waist coat i'm going to make this slightly darker finish the red has two layers still needs the highlight some of the horses have their second layer will do  some more work on them at work tomorrow lunch time

I'll put up another post late friday see how far i'm along on these guys Oh and thanks guys for the comments i love seeing what you've left motivates me to paint more.


  1. I already find them looking great. Even when they are not finished.
    I have a few questions if you don't mind.
    What kind of primer do you use? Just the cheapest you can find or a special expensive one.
    What brand of paints you use? Or do you use several?

  2. They look great. Good work on the hair coloring.

  3. Hi hein as far as undercoat i use a can of $11.50 matt black undercoat from Mitre 10 DIY shop, I use GW and Vellajo paints i'd love to try the foundry system paints but they are priced way out of my price range might get the flesh set one day. I intend to do a step by step of the next 12 cav i'm doing hopefully starting next week.

  4. Hi Allan you wait thats the first coat two to go, I'm still waiting for the figures to turn up from warload games, means we are both waiting for our figures.

  5. I am painting a SYW army with Front Rank figures and agree they are very nice with plenty of detail. i think you are doing a top job on these will love seeing them complete

  6. They look great.

    I also have some FR28mm SYW I need to paint. Im good on everything but just need practice on the faces - to blend the shades in more.

  7. I spent a whole weekend or around 10 hours working on how i want my faces to look and came up with two ways of painting faces one as you see above and a lighter version both have tallern flesh base then a orgyn flesh wash paint in the next layer depending on either the dark or light version either dwarf flesh or elf flesh leaving very little of the base colour i then do another wash of orgyn flesh and paint the same flesh colour in again leaving a lot of the base coat this time note if the paint is to thick the faces just don't come up nice at all. If you want the final step is to add a little bone white to your flesh colour and doraised check bone a bit on the chin and the nose.
    Cheers Guys

  8. Thanks Galpy - I never thought of washes, I just assumed you still painted faces in three shades. Ill try that.