Wednesday, December 31, 2014

28mm American paras

 Well here i am again it Christmas holidays and what do we do at holiday time, yes of course we paint so here's what two days sitting at the kitchen table looks like
 you might have noticed that some of the figures arn't actually paras but guess what i don't care they are now part of my para army 49 figures in all

28mm Warlord Games bolt action Germans

 here's a few more figures from warlord games that i've completed

Monday, December 29, 2014

28mm works in progress

 I've been working away on a few different things these were just before the christmas break
This is one on my son's eldar figures
 this rather large boy i painted as part of a large set of figures for a friend Nigel the girl on space bike is also for Nigel

 These Lads are gripping beast Dark Age Scotts that i finished yesterday but forgot to take a picture before sending them off to their new home,