Monday, June 28, 2010

28mm Front rank skin done

On the weekend i started these fellas  I did a test figure to make sure that Reg was hasppy with the way i painted them as this is his first order then i painted all the skin
Tonight after doing some more Spanish i finished off by doing the first of the line infantry( as i did him i put all the paints aside that i used to makesur the rest come out the same i will also make a list for further reference.
I decided to dry brush the flesh to tone it down just a bit and i'm more happy with this finish.
this skin is a little darker than i normally do but i think i like the look from a distance.

still haven't done the pom pom yet will talk with reg first it can be the last thing i do to finish them off

Now it is back to the Spanish I must complete this army before caring on, this is how i always do it or you lose interest in the job and things never get finished.

Saturday, June 26, 2010


This is a test figure for a  new commission 24 Front Rank 7 years wars Austrians my first front rank figures and they are very nice to paint I painted all there flesh tonight which i will get a picture of tomorrow sorry Chris will get back to yours Monday.  So here it is hope you like it Reg

Question to all you out there who know the trim on the hats is it gold or yellow and on the figures there is a pom pom but i can't find a colour does it change for each Battalion  

Friday, June 25, 2010

Spanish 15mm Artillery train and wagons

Well i started the horses last night getting the first of three coats down tonight i managed to sit down for three hours and finished the artillery limbers and wagons along with all the horses, I'll probably repaint the wagon cover as i put the dye on to soon and it didn't come out to well.

was really happy with the way these horses below came out real crisp

tomorrow night i hope to do the artillery crew and maybe start anothe battalion of infantry

Thursday, June 24, 2010

25mm Dixon wide west figure

Well this is the first of 6 figures i picked up a couple of weeks back and have decided that i'll be getting some more as they are a lot of fun to paint
. I've been working hard on getting the flesh on 28mm figures better and it all comes down to how thick you have the paint once watered down a bit it flows on so much nicer and flatter.

Spanish 15mm Barbastro light infantry

I've been down with the flu for the week but last night i managed to get back to a bit of painting and finished off the light infantyr and base coat all the horses for the limbers and wagons. Question does anyone out there know the colour for horse brisles and gear for the spanish artillery.

I base 28, 7 wars Autrians tonight for then next commission job oh yeh lots of white uniform again

Saturday, June 19, 2010

10mm Russian they just keep on coming

Last night i couldn't paint any more of the commission work as they were all drying after being undercoated so I decided to attack the 10mm Russian infantry again I though if i just do a little now and again who knows maybe in a year or two they just might get finished have to admit they are not my favourite to do but they look cool when they're done. This will give me 42 stands finished only about 96 stands left in this bunch then onto the next lot i must be going mad.

Then I though why not undercoat the rest so i did and then base coated with dark green about 12 sticks worth that i had undercoated a few weeks back

Friday, June 18, 2010

Spanish geuriallas 15mm almost done

These guys arn't quite finished still hats and boots and some hair, I've also finishe another Battalion of infantry last night now onto the artillerilly and then back to more infantry.
These guys were quite fun because each one is different it's a shame they weren't a better quality figure

There's still more to do yet though and i also have more that has already been undercoated

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

10mm russian bases flocked

Well i finally flocked the russian infantry that i based a few weeks back
I used a mixture of static grass and dark green foam

I've gone for a very basic look but it does the job

Spanish De Jaen 15mm update(5)

I just finished the next battalion of infantry as well as fixinhg up the last lot which had the wrong coloured pants I have two more of this and the one at the bottom

I decided to paint the white areas light grey first so that when i painted the belts on the back i could get a bit of definition between the two areas as  seen below

repainted Breeches in white as they should be

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Spanish 15mm idranda update(4)

I did get to paint yesterday so just had this afternoon here the first of the idranda infantry who said all spanish are white

three down Five to go

Friday, June 11, 2010

Spanish 15mm Wallon Guard infantry

Last night i sat down and started the infantry first up two Battalions of Wallon Guard these figures are Mini figs not a lot of detail but still not to bad to paint.

Here's a few close ups of the command figures

Next on to the Idranda. If my Memory serves me right i have two of Battalions of each to paint
Hope to get these done today which will make half of the infantry done.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Spanish Dragoons update (3)

Heres the last of the cav for this commission then  onto the Infantry looking at these pictures i realize i have the manes and tails to dry brush oh well i do them when i get off this computer. It's been a slow couple of weeks been away at southcon flames of war comp and then hurt my back again on monday so have to be careful how much painting i do.

I've painted the coats and pants slightly different than the first Battalion of Dragoons
the coats slightly brighter than the first and the pants buff