Monday, June 28, 2010

28mm Front rank skin done

On the weekend i started these fellas  I did a test figure to make sure that Reg was hasppy with the way i painted them as this is his first order then i painted all the skin
Tonight after doing some more Spanish i finished off by doing the first of the line infantry( as i did him i put all the paints aside that i used to makesur the rest come out the same i will also make a list for further reference.
I decided to dry brush the flesh to tone it down just a bit and i'm more happy with this finish.
this skin is a little darker than i normally do but i think i like the look from a distance.

still haven't done the pom pom yet will talk with reg first it can be the last thing i do to finish them off

Now it is back to the Spanish I must complete this army before caring on, this is how i always do it or you lose interest in the job and things never get finished.


  1. Very nicely done. I've been thinking of buying some Front Rank miniatures for a while. Probably to try something new other than the boxes of Victrix and Perry's I've been getting so far. After seeing your pics I've certainly made my mind up now!