Sunday, July 4, 2010

Quick update

Hi guys as you can see not a lot has been posted in the last week or so just been very busy with family and work but over the weekend i nearly completed 4 more Battalions of Spanish infantry and hopefully tonight i will complete them and the artillery crew. Also last week Myself and razorOne223 did a bit of a deal and I've got around 300 foundry romans coming my way so that should be interesting, never done romans before in 28mm, he now has my 10mm Russians 4 Battalions of cav some infantry all AB a box of victrix British and an order fromAB that i placed for Him, I'll place a link to him at the bottom of the page. I'm so looking forward to winter being over i is so much harder to get nice pictures inside, well thats it for now keep up the great work out there, i so enjoy looking at your blogs they area real inspiration.


  1. Sometime life gets in the way. I can completely understand.

  2. great to have you back hope you had a great holiday. I did 4 hours painting last night finished the Spanish army will take some pictures after work and post them.