Saturday, July 17, 2010

WW1 German 28mm Cavalry finished

I started these figures yesterday and just kept on going until i had finished , i must admit it was  an epic session but i really wanted to get these boys done. See what you think, Oh I did the gold n there buttons after i saw on the photos that i had missed them.

I might do a few of my romans in the next week or start a 15mm Chinese army for Dave who knows


  1. What an excellent job. I love the way how you paint the horses.

  2. 28mm stuff looking good! I dabbled with WW1 many years ago with Peter Laing 15mm. Don't think I can risk another diversion :)

    Good stuff though and look forward to seeing them in action.


  3. Very nice stuff. The only WWI modeling I've tried was 1/2400 ships.

    I like the figures and the painting is superb (as usual)

    Well done


  4. Ohhh I like these guys a LOT! Now you're making me want to pull my 28mm WWI skirmish figures out of the closet and start painting them.

  5. Don't forget to add these to your figure count ----->

  6. Nice work - and I've done a couple of "Marathon" sessions too - unintentionally, but it just happened :) I hope you do up some Uhlans too - I love those guys. Dean

  7. Hey thanks guys for the kind words, sadly these are not my figures as usual i'm painting for someone else

  8. They're a great job - I thought your infantry were good (loved the officer type in the feldmutz with the monocle) but the uhlanen are even better. I reckon early war combined arms armies would be great to game with - large scale skirmish/ambush type games. Great figures - pity you've got to send 'em on to the owner! Your painting is getting really good - hope the business is thriving too - your skill deserves it.


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