Saturday, July 10, 2010

28mm foundry Roman test figure

I recieved a parcel in the mail early in the week from Razorone223 with quite a few roman 28mm foundry figures and i mean quite a few nearly 400 figures so i thought since i didn't have a lot to do. last night after paint all the faces of the ww1 germans and a test figure that i'd see how the romans painted up, i based and undercoated around 40 of them and did this guy last night you might notice that i haven't finished the sword and there's no sheild, firstly had no picture to go from and couldn't remember how to paint the sword and secondly I'm going to paint the shields later.

I think i might have to do a bit of research before i paint any more i don't like painting from memory without really knowing much about the period, it's not an period i've painted much before.


  1. Looking good Kent- the sooner you get enough done for Impetus the better!

    I've decided to build a Sassanid Persian army next as opponent s for them- mainly due to the inclusion of elephants!

    What colours did you use for the red?


  2. You're memory is working fine. This guy is spot on.

  3. Thanks AJ hope to get a few of these guys done over the next few weeks to take on Craig