Friday, July 16, 2010

WW1 German 28mm Infantry finished

I started these guys by undercoating them a week a go, i've managed to get4 nights work in and i've completed the infantry last night on to the cav now, I quite enjoyed painting them even though i found ithard to get information on paint colours to use i'll put up a post later on what colours i used so others can find it easier.

I'd just like to say thanks to all those people who visited my blog it's been really cool to connect with gamers world wide and to be inspired by the painting and have the chance to imput into your hobbies, Cheers guys

I still have the guns to paint later tonight
Now as i said i'm onto the Cav 12 dragoons i should get all the horses finished today and maybe the first coat of paint on the riders themselves


  1. Gott in himmel, Ach der lieber....hmmm what else can I remember from commando war comics..... nope, that is about it. Come up a treat old boy. What is the brand Galpy? I have some Renegade ww1 French marines which I think are quite nicely sculptured, these renegade or woodbine or something completely different?

  2. They are renegade minatures I should be finished the cav tonight i've spent a good portion of this afternoon painting

  3. I love the early-WWI uniforms. I like the contrasting feldgrau tunic with the stonegrey trousers - red piping is nice too! Dean

  4. are these for a somebody else or do you game this period?


  5. These figures are for Neol, I've just finished his cav to go with these guys. I think i will add some gibons to the poles I think thats what you call them it will add a bit of colour, but i'm real pleased with both the infantry and the cav as i have never done this period before