Friday, July 9, 2010

28mm Austrian 7yrs wars painting finished

well i've finished painting this Battalion Reg has informed me that there is more to come. But i still have to base these guys over the weekend hopefully get some shots up on Monday. But here's a few shots hope you like them.

So whats next well here it is WW1 28mm Germans  by renegade minaturesI thought i was painting British but  a box of cav and infantry turned up instead . I've never painted ww1 early Germans so i'm not to sure of what colours to use yet if anyone out there has any suggestions . I use Valljeo and GW


  1. Stunning work - love the period, but can't afford (in time, money & effort) to get into it right now. Maybe someday! Regards, Dean

  2. These are Brilliant!!! Great work Kent! WWI really? I did not think you did later period stuff other than FOW of course as it is your home country game... Anyway hows it going on the Romans? You like them?

  3. Is that it, is that all you managed to get done? What the in the blazes have you doing ol' boy? ;-)

    Seriously, these are 1st rate Kent they come up a treat bloke, mr Reg should be happy with the little blighters. IMO the slighter deeper flesh tones looks good on troops in the middle of campaigning season. Which Regt. are they?
    The period is one of my favourites and about the only one I can comment on without sounding more foolish than normal. I can look at beautifully painted wss, was and syw troops all day.


  4. Kent, to answer your question on my blog. Yea I am getting there painting wise, but do not go through the effort on my units as you do on yours. Sometimes I do but mainly I don't, I just have too much to paint. Hey did you see the AB Prussian Cav? That is one unit of the stuff you got me for the trade. Anyway let me know what you think of them, I need some pointers so please point out anything you would "fix" or "change" etc... Also the 10mm Russians, they are not as bad as I thought they would be.

  5. Hi figvfig you know what its like, but i had to finish the Spanish first Didn't leave much time to get any other than this 1 battalion this week will try and do better hee hee,