Thursday, December 29, 2016

40mm AWI Front Rank American Dragoons and Inf finished

Here we are again still working on this AWI commission
i decided to paint these horses slightly different than the last batch slowly layering washes of the colours just to see what would happen and i was very please with the out come i think the colours ended up deeper and smoother than normal other than the white horses which i will continue to work on 

 As far as i know these are the last of the infantry

Friday, October 21, 2016

for sale 28mm Napoleonic French army Post 3 Artillery

 I have 2 12pdrs 3 6pdr and 3 4pdrs foot artillery and 2 6pdr horse artillery one of the guns and its crew have a little bit of paint chipping from the wellington trip so it will get a paint job before it leaves, two of the gun crews are in coats

I would prefer to sell all the figures as a whole army
If interested you can email me at

For Sale 28mm Napoleonic army Post 2 Cavalry

these lads have never seen the gaming table so are crisp and clean
Cuirassier Heavy cav
Perry Metals

 The rest of these lads took a bit of a pasting while travelling up to wellington 
so i've been repainting them, i will recheck all bases whether
 cav infantry or artillery and clean up any paint chips before they are sent.
these lads have seen a good amount of gaming but are 
still in great condition as you can see.

Polish Lancers
Front Rank Metals

 Empress Dragoons
Front Rank Metals
I do have another 4 of these just undercoated which i'd throw in

 these guys are still actually on the repainting table i am going to repaint their skin and also finish of the repaint of the bearskins all chips on bases will be touched up as well

  Chasseurs à Cheval
Front Rank Metals

I would prefer to sell all the figures as a whole army
If interested you can email me at

For Sale 28mm Napoleonic French army post 1 infantry and command

What we have here in this part of the army is:
23 Bases of 4 figures each all Front Rank
4 bases of 4 figures each Perry metals with a command cav on the base with the standard
8 bases of 4 figures each Perry plastics few metals added in the re somewhere
9 Perry plastic skirmishers
1 command base Napoleon and Maneluke Alij on horseback
1 comand stand Napoleon and 5 General Staff 
8 officers/Generals on horseback

I would prefer to sell all the figures as a whole army
If interested you can email me at

Thursday, October 13, 2016

40mm Continental Dragoons from Front Rank finished

Well here we are again another unit of AWI Front Rank 40mm finished once again i must say theses are amazing figures to paint lots of hard work but worth it in the end, i've only got 6 infantry to finish then im onto the British which have already started arriving, I've  really been challenged be the size and detail and have had to put more layers in than i would on 28mm because you can see everything so clearly, well hope you like leave me any questions and comments and i'll do my best to answer them

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

AWI 40mm Front Rank Continental Infantry finished

Decided i needed to give these guys their own post 
Ive just recieved another 6 of these guys but first need to get some cav done

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

40k Salamander terminators

 Well my son has also been onto me between commission work to do more of his figures, they are never ending i've never seen so many miniatures to paint. So here we have just a few to keep him happy