Saturday, December 31, 2011

28mm Front Rank Imperial guard Fusiliers-Grenadiers

 Here's my next entry into the Analogue hobbies competition they aren't quite  finished yet need another coat on the guns wood work, the hair needs doing and most need  a coat of burnished gold but they now look the part i started these two days ago, which is a new speed record for me. My body is starting to feel the effects of painting nearly 200, 28mm figures in 12 days crazy. I need to make sure that i can last the distance.
 these guys have my new three layer white technique sky grey off white and bright white the difference in the end white is not as stark 
 And here's something different some indians i'll be working on these guys off and on while i'm doing other armies I'm busy thinking about what to do next either ecw 28mm or fow 15mm we will just have to see,

28mm Bolt action miniatures British

here's some of the British somewhere along the lone I've lost a photo if the rest of the infantry
oh well. i' really pleased with the end result. Must admit i am running really low on basing supplies and have ordered a fresh supply from warlord games.
I've used British uniform as the base colour and grey brown as the highlight.

 there are 24 infantry intotal so this is only half of them the rest is done just can't find the picture

Well it's been a busy year with the change over from15mm to 28mm 
it's taken a while to master the different style but i think i'm getting there
thanks to all that full the site, you make it all a lot of fun with your comments. the awesome thing about all these sites is you can learn from other styles and i am always looking for ways to improve so thanks again, next year looks just as busy and I've already had to turn down some work because believe it or not i have a life out side of the paint brush. Looks like i should be credited  as a pastor his year so that should keep me busy or should i say more busy if that is possible.
Take care all and have a great year

1 -28mm stage coach 4 horses
185  28mm Cavalry
868 28mm infantry
4 28mm SYW limbers
 8 - 28mm Napoleonic artillery

1 28mm Artillery Limber

1-15mm 4 horse chariot
1 -15mm Elephant
6 - 15mm 4 horses limbers and guns
241 - 15mm Infantry
174 - 15mm Cavalry

28 - 15mm armour, Flames of war

2 -28mm vignettes
1 -WW1 28mm gun 4 crew
1 WW2 28mm  6pdr crew

Friday, December 30, 2011

Roman camp underway

 I've started building my camp/base for Impetus there will be around 7-8 figures on the base the scene is that they are build the fort wall, the ground will get a coat of pollyfiller  which will hide any gaps the sharpened sticks were made from old sprues that i had lying around and well that's the last of my balsa.
Below are two ballista and a mecic that once the bases are dry need finishing off.
This is my last post for the year the next post will have figure totals completed this year and boy it's been a busy one

Thursday, December 29, 2011

28mm Bolt action WW2 British

 I've just finished a batch of 29 infantry hers' the first pics before I've completed the basing, they include a mortar team and a 6pdr new pics up in the next day or two depending on when they are posted on Analogue hobbies site. Haven't decided if i will add a third colour highlight to the uniform or not yet.

28mm Romans fourth batch finished and based

 Well here we are again the madness continues as i said before this is almost the last of the Romans  even though i started gluing up some warlord games auxiliary last nigh, hate glue miniatures. I' busy painting British WW2 figures this morning and will get some pictures up later today.  The really mad thing is i have two complete armies still to paint for commission.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

28mm Romans fourth batch

 Here's the last batch of Romans until i do the base camp and heavy weapons, I've just completed the bases and sent the pics away so will post the final army total . which has taken me nine days to paint.
Today i started a French elite Battalion and some British WW2. I haven't put a picture on the standard yet as i can't make up my mind which one to put on. I ran out of figures to do another eight man base Poo.

28mm Romans third batch finished and based

 So another batch completed and finished, actually I've finished and based another 4 bases and based waiting to dry another four bases, and other than a base camp and a for heavy weapons that will be it for now on the Romans. I've started some French elite infantry this morning and hav a coat of skin and dark blue done if my wife heads off to the movies with my daughter and my son is busy with friends then i will hit the brushes again this afternoon. I'm very pleased with progress I'm completed 20 bases worth of infantry i think 154 figures in 9 days not bad even by my standard. I hope you've enjoyed following this project as much as i have painting it.  

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

28mm foundry Romans 3rd batch

 I've now finished the third batch and only have the basing to complete also i've started my marder II's , also i've noticed that i need to paint the gold standard with another coat of gold. I've finished the fourth batch of infantry except for the shields which will be done tomorrow
 Still a lot of work to do on these lads

Monday, December 26, 2011

28mm Romans 2nd batch done

I've based these guys ready for finishing for the comp so once again after the finished picks have been on Analogue Hobbies blog for a day i'll post pics I still have quite a few more to go but they are all well along the way, I have undercoated my Christmas present one  Fallschirmjager company boxset and i dug out of the cupboard 3 marder II's. The only problem now is my wife said tonight "your not going to paint those are you" which we know what that means. I'm going to need to get sneaky or my painting time is going to be a lot less. Actually i have already done two coats on the marders they will need a dry brush before the camo is added.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Nine hours painting

Well it's boxing day and the family wants to blob out and do nothing so i took the opportunity to go mad and hit the brushes I got up at 7.30am and started painting and other than a short break for lunch and a quick trip to the store  i didn't stop until 5.45pm that's around nine hours straight I'm painting around 100 Romans, the saddest thing is even after nine hours i still have more to do. I have last coat of white,gold to paint and then the detail for all the shields i have 21 figures that i completed on the first batch so hopefully i'll have about 130 figures ready to base sometime this week, as long as the wife stays happy. 

first batch of Romans finished based

 As many of you will know by now i've entered a fun competition on analogue painting blog where between 20 December and 20th of march you have to paint as many figures as possible these are my first finished I'm really pleased with the way they have come up. Last night i painted  the skin on all the rest and this morning got up early and painted the first of three layers of white, it might be a comp but these lads will be in my collection which means i have to look at them and i can't cut out any stages to get faster.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas to all

A big merry Christmas to all who visit my blog thanks for popping in and leaving comments, I hope that you all have a wonderful Christmas with family and friends and that santa leaves lots of little lead or plastc miniatures under the tree for you. God bless and take care over this festive season. And have a fun filled time.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

28mm foundry romans black shields

Hi there again i decided since i'm painting Romans i might as well base some of the ones i'd already started they will need the odd touch up and i need 5 more shields to finish the command figures to do the next base. I did these chaps a while back but when i found i'd miscounted on the shields for some reason i just put them in the cupboard and that's where they stayed.

28mm foundry Romans

Well this will be the last you will see these stands until after they have been on the analogue web site, i decided i need to finish a few so as to get my numbers started in the comp did the shields  and second coat on wood plus gold today so 24 done 130 to go
might have to spend time with the family tonight i think and i have a message to write for church but no doubt i'll find time somewhere.

Romans aaaaaahhhhh they just keep coming

 what mad man decided to do a whole roman army in one go here's the first batch of shields (104) 3 hours after stating them the backs are painted two colours and the fronts now have 3 layers on the 
for the red i start with black red paint all of shield then i paint the middle blood red going across the sheild then the sides going down, then when dry repeat this with slightly different brush strokes 
 some will be in green some in yellow they will be done by layering three colours to give depth to the design. this is fine when your doing 20 or 30 shields but 104 i think i'll go mad
 The first 52 infantry are coming along well the white is done and first layer of wood done soon it will be onto the detailing

and then thre's the next lot i gave them there first coat of bolt gun metal last night 
So three days in other than a sore back and i'm seeing double all's going to schedule