Wednesday, December 28, 2011

28mm Romans third batch finished and based

 So another batch completed and finished, actually I've finished and based another 4 bases and based waiting to dry another four bases, and other than a base camp and a for heavy weapons that will be it for now on the Romans. I've started some French elite infantry this morning and hav a coat of skin and dark blue done if my wife heads off to the movies with my daughter and my son is busy with friends then i will hit the brushes again this afternoon. I'm very pleased with progress I'm completed 20 bases worth of infantry i think 154 figures in 9 days not bad even by my standard. I hope you've enjoyed following this project as much as i have painting it.  


  1. Smart work. I like the little flower effects on the bases - where are these from?

  2. Fantastic, the bases really set them off.

  3. the flowers come from warlord games, army painter they are call meadow flowers