Thursday, December 22, 2011

28mm foundry romans black shields

Hi there again i decided since i'm painting Romans i might as well base some of the ones i'd already started they will need the odd touch up and i need 5 more shields to finish the command figures to do the next base. I did these chaps a while back but when i found i'd miscounted on the shields for some reason i just put them in the cupboard and that's where they stayed.


  1. I cant keep up with your blog you are painting so fast!!! Good Grief! Well done mate!



  2. Apart from how good your figures look, I love the way you've framed the photos with the winter woods in the background. Nice touch! :)

  3. The black is an interesting change from red- is there a historical precedent for it? An army of Praetorians always tempts me- lots and lots of purple!

    At any rate- Romans are looking fantastic!

  4. Romans look good in black, well done.