Thursday, December 22, 2011

Romans aaaaaahhhhh they just keep coming

 what mad man decided to do a whole roman army in one go here's the first batch of shields (104) 3 hours after stating them the backs are painted two colours and the fronts now have 3 layers on the 
for the red i start with black red paint all of shield then i paint the middle blood red going across the sheild then the sides going down, then when dry repeat this with slightly different brush strokes 
 some will be in green some in yellow they will be done by layering three colours to give depth to the design. this is fine when your doing 20 or 30 shields but 104 i think i'll go mad
 The first 52 infantry are coming along well the white is done and first layer of wood done soon it will be onto the detailing

and then thre's the next lot i gave them there first coat of bolt gun metal last night 
So three days in other than a sore back and i'm seeing double all's going to schedule


  1. Gods, your moving fast.



  2. I have to say you are making me thinking about digging out my foundry romans that have in the back of the cupboard waiting paint for yearrrrrrsss now...

  3. Golly you are moving fat! Like the shields.


  4. impressive output, nice technique for the shields

  5. Bloody Nora! I've gone boss-eyed just looking at the Shields...!! ;)
    Nice one!

  6. Must say the shields look great all laid out like that. Keep up the pace.


  7. That is a crap-load of Romans! You did bite off a good chunk, didn't you? Well, when they're done they will bring in a huge whack of points - if you don't go starkers first.