Saturday, December 31, 2011

Well it's been a busy year with the change over from15mm to 28mm 
it's taken a while to master the different style but i think i'm getting there
thanks to all that full the site, you make it all a lot of fun with your comments. the awesome thing about all these sites is you can learn from other styles and i am always looking for ways to improve so thanks again, next year looks just as busy and I've already had to turn down some work because believe it or not i have a life out side of the paint brush. Looks like i should be credited  as a pastor his year so that should keep me busy or should i say more busy if that is possible.
Take care all and have a great year

1 -28mm stage coach 4 horses
185  28mm Cavalry
868 28mm infantry
4 28mm SYW limbers
 8 - 28mm Napoleonic artillery

1 28mm Artillery Limber

1-15mm 4 horse chariot
1 -15mm Elephant
6 - 15mm 4 horses limbers and guns
241 - 15mm Infantry
174 - 15mm Cavalry

28 - 15mm armour, Flames of war

2 -28mm vignettes
1 -WW1 28mm gun 4 crew
1 WW2 28mm  6pdr crew


  1. Great achivement there Galpy. Happy New Year.

  2. phew, very productive! Happy New Year, (slightly in advance), Simon

  3. Wish I have the same time for painting. happy new Year.

  4. you have had a slow year then, think you should pick up your pace in 2012 :)

    Peace James