Monday, September 10, 2012

Borodino re fight 2012 report

 This past weekend i took part in what would have to be the best run most fun biggest wargames event that i have ever seen what a great bunch of guys enjoying thousands of amazing figures as we refought the Battle of Borodino, Many thanks to all those who help organise this great event but a special thanks to John hutton for the huge effort that made all this possible. I've added a link to my good friend Craig because i thought his report was so much better than i could ever do so please visit his blog to see how the battle ran
there were about 4300 infantry over 1000 cav and 160 guns all 28mm what an amazing site.
above is my first of two failed frontal attacks and i was to lose the first unit of the day to a huge cheer from the Russian side. In the end i had to shot with cannon and three battalions of infantry to break these guys
 The battle Rages on the right but so much is happening on the Left where i am they could have been a world away

 Craig is kept busy in the centre  for most of the 14 hours of game time and the Greta redoubt changes hands 8 times  

 I commanded Eugene's command which had draw against it an entire cavalry corps including guard cav it wasn't to long before Russian cav and infantry were swarming all over us which is what we had been order buy our beloved emperor to do, his words were attract as much of those Russians over here and tie them up so we did, at the cost of far to many French lives as it became a meat grinder of a grave yard.

 But as you can see from the above and below shots the meat grinder was hard at work in the centre as Nic and Noel pushed forward to their objectives

 Back on the left flank the thin blue line is really becoming far to thin we've held them for about 10 hours maybe 11 but within two turns my entire Corps of 7 divisions or what was left of them were broken, the only thing left to stop the Russians was reserve cav, 
 Looks impressive but two -three turns and the heavy cav were destroyed
 Just before my command broke i through a last ditch effort to break a few Russian Battalions but it just wasn't to be

 The Russian centre broke the french right were surging forward and the day had been won a teriffic weekend and a great time all round thanks guys.
I do have more pictures which i will get up in the nex few days


  1. Thanks for posting these - nice to see french view as well. I saw the Russian side from Rogers blog.

  2. Some great pictures there Kent, thanks for sharing.

  3. Excellent photos Kent. Thanks for putting up with me over the weekend. If you had been left to command on your own the left might have faired better. Fantastic weekend.

  4. That is very impressive, and what great looking figures!


  5. Great, impressive, and huge! Excellent photos!

  6. thanks guys it was fun, Roger it wouldn't have made any difference as long as we enjoyed our selves

  7. Great shots Kent- you did your job and played a major role in winning the game in the end- we probably ended up focusing too much of our forces breaking through your sector as it turned out.

    It definitely was a great weekend


  8. This is what really gets me excited about gaming, great photos that really captured the grandeur of the game.

  9. Wow, thanks for sharing! That is one sweet looking game.

  10. Nice report. That is a very impressive game. The Great Redoubt changing hands 8 times is just grand.

  11. Brilliant photos there, Kent.

    It seems that the majority of the Kiwi wargaming/blogging fraternity were there!

  12. yes it was great to meet up with all the guys they are a brillant group of guys

  13. Wow, that is a huge effort. Bravo to all the participants. It looks like you had a wonderful time. It must have felt great to take your troops straight from your workbench and right into battle!

  14. Lovely game and great close-up photos!