Tuesday, September 18, 2012

WIP SYW British & GNW Russians

 Well i'm back again and of course the paint brush never seems to stop these are 24 British SYW  all that's left to do is to finish the drum and the basing. hopefully they will be off before the end of the week.
  i started last week Great Northern wars. first up 84 Russian they are at about mid stage still a highlight to go on the green and red and other detail work yet

 Below i've undercoated the Russian cav and artillery, I've had to order more paint and brushes which i need before i start these guys
 And these are the first of the Swedish army there are still more infantry and 24 cav to undercoat yet
I had to drill out a broken rifle barrel and pin it today there's another one to do yet.


  1. Very nice...

    PS. I'll bite... what do you use Bonjela for?? :o))

  2. Lovely painting!!! The face on the officer is excellent

  3. Hi Steve that would be for the ulsers from all the late night painting, i must remember to get some sleep

  4. Good work Kent, love their stern faces.

    Whats the spray you are using? Looks like some kind of Dulux?

  5. The spray is just black flat dulux, two coats to get a real nice cover

  6. Are the British Old Glory by any chance?

  7. No they are actually Foundry, there were two kinds of foundry figures not sure which one was the old cast but one was thick and chunky and the other thin

  8. Marvelous work as always, Kent. I like the early examples of uniforms of this war. Best, Dean

  9. thanks dean they have been fun to paint i finished them last night so next sunny day i'll get some pics up