Thursday, August 30, 2012

28mm Empress dragoons WIP

Here we are again this week i needed to complete my empress dragoons as they are needed for our big game next weekend i hope to get these guys based later this afternoon. I was over at Hussar Bobs blog and spotted his Empress dragoons and decided to use his beautiful painting as the guide for my own. I take my hat off to Him as his painting skills are amazing. 
 In the past 3 weeks i've managed to complete 36 cav  plus two guns and crew not bad when you consider that they were very busy weeks where i spent a lot of time away from the painting table
I had to do 5 layers of paint to get the orange right, I still need to spend more time working on my white horses, tried to get that mottled effect but have quite got it right yet and i must stop bieing so lazy and finish the horses completely like i used to do.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Napoleonic French Chassuers almost done & Artillery WIP

 Well here we are again i decided to add the extra layer of blue highlight and i'm glad did now just the basing to finish and the standard to add.
 Saturday i decided to do some artillery while i was finishing the cav they are almost done
I've started the next batch of cav Empress dragoons, so hopefully this time next week they will be completed as well

Thursday, August 23, 2012

28mm Chasseur batch number 2 WIP

 I started these guys at the beginning of the week and they are progressing well, the green is the same as the first batch it was just a darkish room that i took the photo in.
I'm seriously considering a fourth layer of light blue as it doesn't quite pop when you look at the figures from a short distance. So if i can get some painting in when i get home tonight and a bit tomorrow they should be done by  mid Sunday, the i can start back on the SYW British that i am mid way through.

Friday, August 17, 2012

28mm Front Rank Chasseurs WIP

 his weeks project was to knock out 1 of 2 Battalions of Chasseurs of our Boradino game in a few weeks 
so after only getting two nights painting, i'm very happy with the progress today i based them and will have them completed before going out tonight, I undercoated the other 12 today and should start them tomorrow hoping that they will be done by this time next week, then i can get back to the commissions as i do need to be able to fund my work somehow. I decided to give the figures a spray of clear plastic and have just applied the first of two coats of dull coat, the cler spray really makes the colours pop

Friday, August 10, 2012

28mm Carthage army grows, work bench WIP

 Well this weeks been a bit slow other than my work for Reg i've been slowly working through my Carthaginian army these are my African troops still a bit to do but i'm starting to get there. I decided to hand paint the shields this time round.these lads are from gripping beast
 The linen armour took a bit to get done but i'm pleased worth the final look

then there's the spanish which i've been painting during my lunch time once again they have a long way to go but they are in process at least, these boys are from Gripping beast
 I've finished the baleric slingers and i'm happy with there look these figures are avintine and once again i really like them

Friday, August 3, 2012

28mm SYW British infantry completed

 Here's a couple of pictures of the first of many British infantry that i have to do, the only thing remaining is to find some flags and print them out

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Napoleonic Black powder refight

 In Deployment Craig decided to have one command of three Battalions with guns and one of five Battalions and Cav in reserve
Craig put his smaller command on his far left flank hoping to use a holding action here while destroying my forces in the middle with the lager forces 

 I decided tonight to deploy  in line across the table four battalions in each command 2 elites in one 2 Guard in the other
 Craig advanced staying in attack colloum so as to have the plus 1 on his saves but he forgot wht i did to his guns last week. I have a plan to destroy. 
 I decide to move forward on my extreme right and deploy into line, in my next turn i'm able to move slightly forward and deploy side by side
 And below my plan unfolds just as i desired i advanced three turns assaulting the guns saving two hits in the process then destroying them Moscow he we come
 In the centre things slowly develope my guards cav arrive as Craigs mass of infantry advance my guns and infantry gets hits on the middle battalion as they advance. I must hit them and hit them before engaging them in hand to hand.

 All Craigs cav are on board his heavies are about to join in trying to destroy my guards after the failed to destroy an infantry ballaion i got 11 ones and twos out of 14 dice
 The middle has gone completely mad I have suffered a defeat  and lose of one battalion but have managed to come around and hit Craig in the side and front I destroy this Battalion in my next turn as he survives because the Russians use there steady rule
 But things start to fall apart for me just as it looks like i have Craig where i want him . Craig ended his turn where i thought ok if i get my cav reserves then i have his heavy cav
 And there they all are, firstly my heavies fail to move, then my Guards cav also fail to move so my Dragoons decide they will do the job and thunder in looks good doesn't it well in a few photos down the page we shall see that not all is as it looks
 this battle runs over three turns with noone getting the upper hand
 Craig advance to meet my troops

 I have him well i think i have him double amount of shoots into the side cannon fire it must work, being disordered i couldn't press home the attack with my veterans

 Craigs lancers once again never get into the fight and the cav on his far left are about to vanish as they move off board
 Gone. I thought there were cav to my left, must have been mistaken, ok lets kill these guys
and i do
 Craig breaks through destroying my veterans
 Craig kills my dragoons and then below as my heavies lose they also leave the table, that was pay back for earlier then my guard cav have to retire as the corps is broken
 once again my horse artillery never make it to the table, is this the end for me

 It's not over yet with only a few turns left i decide to fire everything at one battalion but Craig manages to survive
 on the right i only manage to turn one battalion but the luckily Craig's turn was uneventful leaving me with a chance to grab a victory. Man this is close
 So here we go I assault Craig's  battalion destroy it and the corp, now we are one a piece 
 Again i am lucky not to loose anything and now it's my last turn, both guards fail to motivate that's them for the game but both the other battalions get a massive three turns  so the deploy into march attack move 12 inches and then deploy into line ready to deliver a volley into the rear of Craig's forces
 and bam they destroy the Russians in the corn field while the guns and infantry on the far side also destroy a battalion and thats game victory to the French
Heres' the final veiw of the battle field a great fun game which could have gone anyway. thanks Craig