Thursday, August 30, 2012

28mm Empress dragoons WIP

Here we are again this week i needed to complete my empress dragoons as they are needed for our big game next weekend i hope to get these guys based later this afternoon. I was over at Hussar Bobs blog and spotted his Empress dragoons and decided to use his beautiful painting as the guide for my own. I take my hat off to Him as his painting skills are amazing. 
 In the past 3 weeks i've managed to complete 36 cav  plus two guns and crew not bad when you consider that they were very busy weeks where i spent a lot of time away from the painting table
I had to do 5 layers of paint to get the orange right, I still need to spend more time working on my white horses, tried to get that mottled effect but have quite got it right yet and i must stop bieing so lazy and finish the horses completely like i used to do.


  1. Just wonderful! Your figures are getting more beautiful by the brush load, Sir.

  2. Those look fantastic mate. As for the pale dapple horse, I'd say that it's pretty much spot on, maybe a bit of dapple needed on the neck but that's it. And, OMG, what's that I see? You've even painted eyelashes on the horse. Come on now - you're putting the rest of us to shame! :)