Monday, May 31, 2010

15mm Spanish Napoleonic commission update (1)

I Started these yesterday and finished them tonight they are
the first of two lots of Spanish dragoons.
both are yellow this one with red lapels then next has black then i will do the heavy cav which is blue with yellow lapels.

I might do a highlight on the red just to lift the colour a bit before these guys are sent.

It's nice to be painting after a two week break.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

10mm Basing Russian Napoleonic army

Well I've finally painted the flags and drummers and started the basing so here a couple of pics
I've also spray painted part of my next commission A Napoleonic Spanish 15mm army 8 Battalions of Infantry 3 Battalions of cav 2 guns and limbers  3 wagons and some bits and peices. Its been a bit quite here on the old blog page I havebn't been able to paint much for two weeks, But hopefully thats all in the past and I think its time to get back to work

Friday, May 21, 2010

New base for diorama

Had to use contact adhiesive to get this to stay put the to diorama had a little warp in it and it took a bit to get it to glue flat but i'm really happy with the result.

Thinking i might need to get a wee brass plaque made with the battle name and date on it to really finish it off might even find a glass top.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Eureka minatures spotlight 28mm french Revolutionary wars Battalion

I've been working on these fellas off and on for the past month when i had a bit of time between commissions but decided the other day that i'd like to get them finished for a painting compition in a few weeks time.
These figures were  supplied by Eureka minatures they are part of wars of the french revolution, range of figures what i like about these figures is there bayonets won't break at the slightest bump which my british victrix seem to this link will take you to wars of the french revolution. They are very well sculpted and I enjoyed painting them very much and am now trying to work out how i can purchase some more.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

28mm french 1805 progress

I've been busy with commission jobs and haven't had a lot of time for fun even though  i said i would stay away from the brushes for a week, well I slipped and picked up the brush for just a while today and decided to work on my 28mm french revoluntionary wars figures that Eureka minatures supplied for my highlight so here's a couple of pics lots still to do. They are so nice to paint.

I've put the first coat of white on these figures if you don't put it on to heavy you can place a second coat leaving areas of the first white coat which helps give a depth, that is on top of leaving areas of the grey as well.

still a wee way to go but i thought he look nice enough for his own pic.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Prodromoi cavalry 15mm xyston comission update

It's been a crazy few days even though i only have a few figures to go have not been able to do them on Monday i picked up the paint brush and then a wee family crisis happen and that was monday gone, so here's what i've done since Saturday night

still a bit of work at this stage
need some horses boy's ?

looking better

I've finished the unpainted bits on this front horse

I've finished the horses for the 3 generals glued on a hand and sord to the broken general and have done nearly all the first layers and some of the second so will be complete later tonight.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Greek Generals painted for Macedonian commission

Once again these guys are part of the Macedonian commission that i am painting for Aaron, not much more to do here we have 6 Greek Generals that i have painted as commanders for his Macedonian
each General had to be different So I hope they are all write I think I took the pictures a bit close

We onward and upward. Hopefully i will get a chance to do the 7 horses later this afternoon we will see.

15mm Thebian xyston commission

 Well here's the thebian infantry ready to make some trouble on the feilds of glory.
I've been given a very clear brief of how all these figures are to be painted and as i look at these photo i see that i need to repaint the brass on the scalebs they are ment to be metal colour.
the photos below once again show the stages of how this figure was painted.
I've started the next 6 Generals and then onto the last 7 cav

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Robbies how to paint lessons

I've been giving Robbie a few beginners lessons on how to paint flames of war minatures  over the past few days so here's a couple of pics
Robbies attempt Before the lessons

then his first figure After
All paints were in the american vallejo box set plus medium flesh
He used peat brown winsor newton ink as a wash over the paint then reaplied the base colours and highlight on the pants and shirt. The ink has come up a bit shinny in the photo but looks great to the eye

Go Robbie
Once he has finished them all i will show him how to base them