Monday, May 31, 2010

15mm Spanish Napoleonic commission update (1)

I Started these yesterday and finished them tonight they are
the first of two lots of Spanish dragoons.
both are yellow this one with red lapels then next has black then i will do the heavy cav which is blue with yellow lapels.

I might do a highlight on the red just to lift the colour a bit before these guys are sent.

It's nice to be painting after a two week break.


  1. Hey Mate

    Excellent work - they are looking awesome. Ive always loved the Spanish with their yellow jackets - they look like they were fun to paint. What company makes the figures?

  2. These are very nice. You got the coat color spot on, which isn't easy.

  3. Hi there I don't actually know what make the figures are i'll find out from Chris. I find nearly all Naps fun to paint

  4. Hi AJ i use bunonic brown as the yellow base then add a bit of white to it for highlt

  5. I wouldn't worry about highlighting the red. It stands out nicely as-is.