Saturday, May 29, 2010

10mm Basing Russian Napoleonic army

Well I've finally painted the flags and drummers and started the basing so here a couple of pics
I've also spray painted part of my next commission A Napoleonic Spanish 15mm army 8 Battalions of Infantry 3 Battalions of cav 2 guns and limbers  3 wagons and some bits and peices. Its been a bit quite here on the old blog page I havebn't been able to paint much for two weeks, But hopefully thats all in the past and I think its time to get back to work


  1. Looking great mate - looking forward to seeing how you do up their bases :)

  2. I'm not sure myself as i think static grass might be to long might have to try one

  3. Your Russains are looking great! The flags really add a lot to the formations. I have seen regular static grass used on 10s and it is a tad long, but is apropriate for unmowed fields. I have seen moere people use Woodland scenics style ground foam at this scale and with a blend of the fine and course turfs you can get some neart effects.

  4. Cheers Jeff I have some of the foam what i might do is use the static grass and mix it and then trim it with a hobby knife to get the right height.

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