Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Prodromoi cavalry 15mm xyston comission update

It's been a crazy few days even though i only have a few figures to go have not been able to do them on Monday i picked up the paint brush and then a wee family crisis happen and that was monday gone, so here's what i've done since Saturday night

still a bit of work at this stage
need some horses boy's ?

looking better

I've finished the unpainted bits on this front horse

I've finished the horses for the 3 generals glued on a hand and sord to the broken general and have done nearly all the first layers and some of the second so will be complete later tonight.


  1. Nice work as usual Galpy. Are all of these ancients you have been painting up for a FOG army or DBA?


  2. They are for a commission for Aaron a fellow American, if he drops in for a look he might answer that question. NOw i have a wee break for a week as the wife has asked to see me then on into Naps Spanish Yeehaa

  3. Cheers thanks for that these are my favourite they look even better to the eye

  4. FOG sir. and yeah these are great galpy! what did you use for the violet/pink. i'm trying to mass my paints with what you reccoment. i like the prussian blue and blood red for a basecoat on the miniatures i'm working on now.


  5. I'll get back with the colour for the violet/pink. For the red it's black red first then blood red. Cheers