Sunday, May 16, 2010

28mm french 1805 progress

I've been busy with commission jobs and haven't had a lot of time for fun even though  i said i would stay away from the brushes for a week, well I slipped and picked up the brush for just a while today and decided to work on my 28mm french revoluntionary wars figures that Eureka minatures supplied for my highlight so here's a couple of pics lots still to do. They are so nice to paint.

I've put the first coat of white on these figures if you don't put it on to heavy you can place a second coat leaving areas of the first white coat which helps give a depth, that is on top of leaving areas of the grey as well.

still a wee way to go but i thought he look nice enough for his own pic.


  1. Galpy, those are coming along great!!! I can not wait to them when they are done. I hope to have my Foundry paints on Thurs. and will be finally painting up my ECW mini's I have been collecting since the beginning of the year. Hopefully I will have some of my own 28mm stuff to start posting next weekend. Hopefully they will be as good as yours... ;)

  2. Wow, those are nice. The command groups is very sharp. Dean

  3. Thnaks guys. I'm real happy with them myself. I'm hoping to have them finished for a painting comp at a flames of war convention down south will see how we go

  4. Nice work Galpy - the officer on the horse looks excellent. :)