Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Robbies how to paint lessons

I've been giving Robbie a few beginners lessons on how to paint flames of war minatures  over the past few days so here's a couple of pics
Robbies attempt Before the lessons

then his first figure After
All paints were in the american vallejo box set plus medium flesh
He used peat brown winsor newton ink as a wash over the paint then reaplied the base colours and highlight on the pants and shirt. The ink has come up a bit shinny in the photo but looks great to the eye

Go Robbie
Once he has finished them all i will show him how to base them


  1. Always good to have another painter in the world.

  2. Is Robbie another local gamer, Kent?

    We haven't many FoW players left round here!


  3. Good job Galpy, teaching can be a somewhat challenging prospect sometimes. It seems like he has talent to begin with and you are just bringing it to the fore. Robbie, very nice improvement!!!

  4. Robbie is local but doesn't play at this point he just wants to start painting so i offered to help him

  5. Yes it can be fun but i think he did really well

  6. Yeah he certainly did the fig looks great - i suspect it will end of part of a fantastic looking army.