Wednesday, September 28, 2011

progress report on Perry French artillery limber and syw infantry

 Here's a quick update on progress so far this week I managed to do most of the artillery limber and 6pdr gun last night still a few bits to go and of course the base. If i had thought about it i would have paint the second limber as well since i had to mix the paint for the uniform
 I've done a wee bit of work on these boy's as well all the yellow done and first coat on the legging next second coat of skin and highlight of yellow

Monday, September 26, 2011

the week past on the table

Well it's been a busy week on the painting table this week as you can see I finished the light infantry for Reg but i also have been working on the first of the Hanoverian line Battalions.

 As you can see they still have a lot of work to go but they are well on there way

Below is a wargames Illustrated piece that i'm doing for Chris ( I haven't forgotten)

Also I've almost finished another of my own French Battalions from front rank

 This morning i undercoated some more heavy cav for my French army i put two coats on the horses this afternoon
 I also managed to add another coat of flesh to my very slow going Roman army it will get there one day
own and David i found those knights and will have them done very soon
 the artillery limber is another one of my slow going projects so i decided to put a little paint on they also recieved nother coat this afternoon so all in all things are moving along well

Sunday, September 25, 2011

28mm Front Rank syw Hanoverian light infantry done

Here's a few pictures of the first of Reg's new SYW army. I've just finished his Austrians and now it's the turn of the Hanoverian's then British. the figures below are from the Scgeither'scher Freikorps i've based them as skirmishers.

 earlier this morning i started on the bases
 here they are later in the day all i need is a few tifts of long grass and they are all done

Thursday, September 15, 2011

28mm syw Hanoverian test figure

The next army for Reg Is syw once again this tome British/ Hanoverian I've started 24 light infantry and 24 musketeers I've done today the first two coats of flesh first coat of green on the light infantry and started painting the first coat of red actually i'm trying dark flesh (GW) to see how it looks here's a picture of the test figure i painted tonight just to make sure i get the correct mix of colour blends. It's been a while since i painted red uniforms and since this army will have a lot i'd like to get it right at the beginning. looking at it i might add a extra light red highlight still.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

28mm Perry Dragoons Finished based

I finish these guys off last night and all the moderns finished painted as well but you will have to wait for them as i am waiting on the bases.I'm really happy with the Green on these guys i decided to do four layers of green to give them a little extra depth of colour. Let me know what you think

 need to touch up the flag bit to much white showing

Monday, September 12, 2011

work bench update 2

Here we are again I've almost finished the British they now have all there camo and all that is left is to do the webbing and heavy weapons, I'm really happy with how they have come out i'll have to see if i can get some better pictures when they are based.

i decided to do some more work on the Dragoons so all that i need to do now is finish the basing.

On the weekend I started Regs Afgan forces they are coming along quite well still quite a bit to do on them but all in all not to bad. Today i glued up some French heavy cav

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

whats on the work bench

 Things have been moving along slowly this week , I've been busy preparing a message for this Sunday at church so haven't had quite as much time to paint so i'm slowly working through some figures that have been on the go for a few weeks above is modern British infantry I've just started putting the first of the camo on below i've made a good dent in the next 4 Battalions of Front rank French line infantry

This figure isn't finished yet still has one more coat of white on trousers and some detail work yet but i'm happy with how he looks so far
 Below here we have the very slow progress on my dragoons Craig said that he has the rest turned up so i will have enough to do the 4 Battalions i might do them all at once and then there's the first of my gun teams from Perry miniatures nice models the rest of the team is based up ready to start work but first i need to do some Afgan insurgents for Reg. So that's were I'm at so far this week

Thursday, September 1, 2011

28mm Lasalle Game French vs Russians

well here we are again those jolly Russians can't help themselves
I've taken French young guards so i have to win well o i'm a gonna

Lined up and ready to go I'm on the defence but seem to forget this and charge off into the distance

They look ready for a pasting don't you think

the russians lined me up and both of us fired away with very little effect

Now we are get in to the thick of it in the next few turns all of the russians were to be destroyed  either by the guns of the front unit
will they never learn charging the guns = death

same thing here they charged my guns and died to a man

my squares only just servived the charge
I managed to destroy one Battalion then get around behind the second game finished before i hit them you can see that Craigs artillery are ready to deal to me but they never got a chance game over French victory viva la France Thanks Craig and Andrew for a fun game