Wednesday, September 7, 2011

whats on the work bench

 Things have been moving along slowly this week , I've been busy preparing a message for this Sunday at church so haven't had quite as much time to paint so i'm slowly working through some figures that have been on the go for a few weeks above is modern British infantry I've just started putting the first of the camo on below i've made a good dent in the next 4 Battalions of Front rank French line infantry

This figure isn't finished yet still has one more coat of white on trousers and some detail work yet but i'm happy with how he looks so far
 Below here we have the very slow progress on my dragoons Craig said that he has the rest turned up so i will have enough to do the 4 Battalions i might do them all at once and then there's the first of my gun teams from Perry miniatures nice models the rest of the team is based up ready to start work but first i need to do some Afgan insurgents for Reg. So that's were I'm at so far this week


  1. Wow! That's a lot of figures - but they're coming along nicely. All of them are looking great. Best, Dean

  2. Dean is right Galpy. Coming along nicely.

  3. Great looking modern British, love the cammo pattern.

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