Monday, September 26, 2011

the week past on the table

Well it's been a busy week on the painting table this week as you can see I finished the light infantry for Reg but i also have been working on the first of the Hanoverian line Battalions.

 As you can see they still have a lot of work to go but they are well on there way

Below is a wargames Illustrated piece that i'm doing for Chris ( I haven't forgotten)

Also I've almost finished another of my own French Battalions from front rank

 This morning i undercoated some more heavy cav for my French army i put two coats on the horses this afternoon
 I also managed to add another coat of flesh to my very slow going Roman army it will get there one day
own and David i found those knights and will have them done very soon
 the artillery limber is another one of my slow going projects so i decided to put a little paint on they also recieved nother coat this afternoon so all in all things are moving along well


  1. Goodness me, that is a amazing workload you've got there! Great work on the Light Infantry.

  2. Very much like the French. It is also nice to see someone else who has a lot of unfinished projects... not just me then.

  3. I can work on two, maybe three things at the same time, but not that much as you!

    They all look wonderfull so far!


  4. Wow...that's a lot of painting going on. I know some like to free-hand stuff, but those mitres look large enough for decals. I'm sure no one makes them though. Best, Dean

  5. Blimey!!, do you get time to eat?????

  6. only just i do paint in my lunch time at work. I think i've gone completely mad but oh well some ones got to be.