Wednesday, September 28, 2011

progress report on Perry French artillery limber and syw infantry

 Here's a quick update on progress so far this week I managed to do most of the artillery limber and 6pdr gun last night still a few bits to go and of course the base. If i had thought about it i would have paint the second limber as well since i had to mix the paint for the uniform
 I've done a wee bit of work on these boy's as well all the yellow done and first coat on the legging next second coat of skin and highlight of yellow


  1. Nice limber! That'll look great when the base is done.

  2. Excellent work. Any chance you could share your recipe for the limber itself? It looks the perfect colour.

    Best wishes


  3. the green that i use is vallejo reflective green base coat then ogryn wash then the reflective green again painting in a wood grain effect, then i adda little white to it and paint a wood grain highlight but not as much as the first highlihght

  4. Great work Galpy. Woodwork looks fantastic.