Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Free flags for early crusade period

with these flags  click on the picture and save as picture to your computer then use you own program to crop each flag to make the othe side just copy and flip the flag, and there you have it if you have problems with this let me know and i'll try find time to do it.

28mm Front rank Hungarian syw infantry

I finished off these lads tonight so i could get them to Reg hopefully before the weekend This is just another regiment in a large army that i have been working on, I have based another two infantry regiments today for undercoating then all that is left is two cav. Then it will be time to start all over again with a Hanovarian army

Free Banners/ Flags early crusades

I asked a friend to make me some banners and flags for my early crusades army they were quite what i was after but maybe someone else could use them so here's the first batch.Just click on the image and save as picture to your computer

Monday, May 30, 2011

Still can't leave messages

Sorry guys I've been trying to find a way to leave messages to answer question but no success yet.
As far as the browns on the Austrian artillery, Scrotched brown base coat and calthan brown highlight. hope that helps.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

15mm AB Austrian artillery and limbers

This is the last of the commission that i've been working on for the past two weeks for Chris 6 guns with crew and each with a 4 horse lmber and gun riders. Sorry about the photographs not up to my normal standard but these boys need to head off to the new home tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

more 15mm AB Dragoons

 This is second batch of Dragoons that i painted this week, after finishing i found that i had missed one and i'll have to finish that one tonight, It's been fun but this will probably be one of the last 15mm commission that i will be taking, I have a few in the pipe line but that will be it.

Can't leave any comments

Sadly i seem to be having problems leaving comments on my blog or on other blogs.
As a reply to the painting i paint my cav attached i find it gives me a better finish

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

15mm AB Austrian dragoons

 this is part of the Austrian commission that i am working of for Chris i have finished another regiment of dragoons and am now working on the artillery. It's nice painting Napoleonic uniforms again and AB are such nice figures

Sunday, May 22, 2011

28mm Foundry ECW figures test paint

I purchase a pile of lead the other day part of it was ECW foundry minatures
Here's my first test run that i did this afternoon while i was waiting for paint to dry on a commission i was working one

Panzer III's for Southcon

well I've been sitting aroung wondering what to take to Southcon Mid war Flames of war comp and I've decided what ever it is i need some mark III's so i dusted off these babies and added a bit of camo to lift there shabby look a bit Ill add some Panzer IV's and 2 stugs to round it off a small but fun list I'll either win fast or Die fast either way should make for a fun two days gaming.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Archilles and Hector 25mm

As part of my latest commission for Chris there are two wargames Illustrated sets to do here's the first still a little bit to do but mostly done

Friday, May 20, 2011

15mm AB Austrian Border & light infantry

Well It's ben a few weeks since my last post and a very busy couple of weeks but not for the paint brush, And when i have it's been a bit here and a bit there so here's part of Austrian commission that i am working on for Chris.

Light Infantry Reg

here's the first of two Border infantry Regiments

Second Regiment

Theres also 2 lots of dragoons and 6 guns crew and limbers still to go.
I've made a small start on them

Monday, May 9, 2011

28mm SYW Austrians based & Finished another started

This week I've been busy finishing off two infantry regiments for Regs commission and starting working on the third.

This first is the Merci German Regiment

Ungarn light infantry

Haller Hungarian Infantry

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

28mm Front Rank syw German Merci Regiment

This is the second of three Regiments that i am working on had a few hours last night they arn't quite finished but when i told Reg they had purple on them i think he thought I'd gone mad, and it's true i have but here they are still a coat of flesh to finish the skin some bit to clean up here oh and a wash and repaint on the gold and they will be done I might base these two Regiments before starting the third we shall see. Let me know what you think.
Oh I'm off to do battle against Craig again tomorrow he believes he has finally worked out how to destroy my crusader army. We shall see.