Thursday, August 23, 2012

28mm Chasseur batch number 2 WIP

 I started these guys at the beginning of the week and they are progressing well, the green is the same as the first batch it was just a darkish room that i took the photo in.
I'm seriously considering a fourth layer of light blue as it doesn't quite pop when you look at the figures from a short distance. So if i can get some painting in when i get home tonight and a bit tomorrow they should be done by  mid Sunday, the i can start back on the SYW British that i am mid way through.


  1. Comming on nice, will look great wen finished. The blue is standing out on the pics though


  2. Good start Kent, you're really knocking these guys out. I think Naps cavalry will be one of the most daunting units to paint, if I every get round to it!

  3. Very nice, They look great just as they are!