Saturday, November 26, 2011

How to paint Victrix old guard part two

We finished the last tutorial Painting old guard part one by applying the sky grey everywhere that the white will end up. 

I've just driven for 4 hours to get home and know that i won't have any time this week to do much painting so have decided to do three figures so that i can finish the tutorial hope you enjoy it.

1. Now its time to add the white make, sure that you leave some of the grey showing through it will give depth to the white. On the belts i do long brush strokes either side leaving a bit in the middle and then paint across the belt near the top and bottom or any place the belt meets something else.

Also i have paint the moustache in German camo black (above)
below the moustache has been painted in bubonic brown

2. back pack first coat is in burnt umber

3. first layer of gold is done in shining gold (Citadel)

4. second is done by adding Devlan mud wash (Citadel)

5. third layer is now done by painting all the raised areas in burnished gold (Citadel) sadly this picture doesn't show the effect very well. I don't add the wash to the buttons only larger areas, but I do both the other coats of gold on every thing. Gives a better finish
6. It's time to paint the first layer of the gun this is done inscortched earth (Citadel)
7. also at this time i've paint luftwaffe green 7823 base coat on the water bottle strap

8. Now it's time to paint the wood grain on the gun using Calthan brown (Citadel)

 9. I now paint the highlight on the backpack using English uniform it shows up much more defined on the figure than it does in the pictures, paint along the egdes with smooth lines and then a kind of blotch paint the rest in leaving plenty of the first coat.

10. I've painted the water bottle in German camo Medium then later used a mix of sky grey just a very small amount mixed in with english unifrom to do a highlight painting across the bottle to give shadow effect this isn't shown in this picture.

11. first coat of the red now is done by applying black red

12. then i've applied blood red dabbing it around the centre leaving some black red to show through once again this gives depth to the eye.

13. and Bolt gun metal(Citadel) to the gun on the next batch i do i will do a highlight of methal silver later(Citadel)
13a. time for the high light on the moo with Calthan brown (Citadel)
or on this guy Luftwaffe grey then mix white with a Luftwaffe grey for second highlight, remember first coat was German camo black
on this guy i used bleach bone as the second highlight i actually used a bit much on the fella but oh well better luck on the next one. the picture below shows the backpack and water bottle highlight a wee bit better.

14. Now for the highlight on the water bottle strap German camo light green

just a different angle  on the water bottles

and here they are the three fellas i looked at this afternoon

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Painting Victrix Old Guard part one

When I have finished all the stages i will put them all together as one big tutorial. 
This is what I've done in the past three days
(All paints are Vallejo unless stated.)

Stage one would be to undercoat  
as you can see this guy is gloss black but flat black is better the spray i used was labeled wrong but i'm sure once vanished they will be fine

 1. first paint Prussian  Dark blue  leaving black on belts and strapes
 2. paint Flat flesh on all skin you can leave black where the mustache is 
if you want i sometimes just paint it all in. The paint needs to be a good coat other wise when you put the wash on it won't look very good.
 3. In this picture I've applied a coat of Citadel ogryn flesh wash, don't apply to much or the face will come out redish. 

4. I've applied the flat flesh to the face  just on the raised pats  cheeks nose chin. The picture also shows  a face where I've complete cover the mustache, I would in this case paint the mustache black later.
Oh i dry brushed the hats because the gloss just got to me.
5. I've now applied the first highlight on the blue using intense blue. Apply the paint following the lines(creases) on the coat leave the shadow in the darker blue

6. the figure below has the second highlight. This is done by adding a very small amount of sky grey to intense blue once again paint in the direction of the folds and creases on the coat only where the sun would hit,eg. tops of arms on the stomach area between the buttons paint across the figure sideways. Make sure not to cover to much of highlight one.

7. also I've apply sky grey over all the areas that will end up white

Here's the 60 figures that I've now been working on for the past three days.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Front rank Limbers & commanders finished based

 I've finally got these lads finished ready to head off to there new home quite happy with the final result they will get a check over just before they go in the box i already notice a wee bit on a hat that need fixing but, its now onto the old guard which i stated yesterday they have there first coat of skin and blue on already so onward and upward

Saturday, November 19, 2011

28mm Old Guard Victrix test figures

I picked up two boxes of Victrix old Guard the other day and sat down this afternoon to see how  I would tackle them. When i spray painted them the other day for some reason the mat paint came out glossy these guys still have the glossy black undercoat once i have finished them (the pants and shoes) i will gloss vanish them and dull coat them to see how the black finishes up but they have come out quite nice. I like the look of Victrix figures the only thing is that they break far to easily 

Friday, November 18, 2011

Front Rank SYW limbers general

 today i decided it was about time i finished off a few items that i started about a month ago
this is part of a commission that i've been working on few about a year
 Opps looks like i need to fix the painting on this wheel
 there's a layer of skin to do on the figures with the limbers but that can be done anytime
 the ropes are made of wire 
 this was the first one took me a while to get it right but once i was happy i got to on the second one which came together real fast while it was drying i painted the command figures at the top .
tomorrow after church i'll paint up the bases and they will be ready to send off 

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

last night lasalle down the club

 Craig and i lined up the forces once again down at the club last night i was attacking so Craig set up his forces on the right and left hand sides of the table one artillery battery each side most of his infantry were deployed on the left hand side.

 I deployed  on the far left and in the centre just out of the view of his artillery those russians with there extra guns can make a real mess of my troops
 first round my artillery gets hits on Craigs far right infantry, I then send the boys marching up the flank and i sent my centrebattalion straight up the middle all seems well
 Craig unable to get any shots limbers up and moves his guns up my right flank this could be trouble
 My left flank draws nearer to distruction I manage to just hold this side which is not the best when i was the one attacking Craig was about to send in a unit of infantry and cav to finish me off when i jumped out of the building in the middle so he kept the units back to deal with them instead.

 Everything seemed to be going well but after this shot Craig fires canister and also gets hits in defensive fire and in the assault knocks me back. I end up losing two out of three Battalions on this side and decide that its not wise to run down the edge of the table as i couldn't maneuver. Craig used his guns and musketry to slowing destroy me
just right of centre turned into a slug fest with noone really getting the upper hand i lost a Battalion to Heavy cav Craig lost one to my infantry i then lost on in the corn fields below but by then my dragoons were crossing the 
these poor lads end up as mince meat to a combined attack of heavy cav and the Battalion to the right
Go the dragoons (i see you Russian guns and raise you 4 Battalions of Dragoons) here i come

I was hit twice by canister 20 dice in total but you can't hit us all so time to die
here they are

now they're gone

I wasn't to get much further as it was time to go

Craig's heavies came charging down  and hit me and then bounced  my two units but i survived to fight another day
It was a fun game but sadly i lost 8 points worth of infantry to Craigs's 3 points for one infantry and guns