Thursday, November 10, 2011

28mm Perry French Dragoons

 I've been working on these guys for the past week off and on there were a couple of days where i couldn't paint but painted most nights, they are not done yet though still more to do i haven't attached the guns and other bits yet normally i have them all glued up but somehow forgot. I'm really happy with how they are coming along and  hopefully before the weekend is up they will be ready to base.
 there's a wee red fello in here opps
there's a bit of work to do on all of them but nearing the end another coat on the pants will make a difference

 when i glued the first box up a month or so ago i made up a few elites by mistake i will replace these later

 and then a couple of generals that have been sitting around another coat of blue yet  and more skin work actually a lot still to do


  1. Very good mate! How do you handle painting black horses and then what color do you paint the tack on black horses? I have been trying to solve this on some carabinier?


  2. I would go mad trying to paint this many dragoons at one time!! Looking very good Galpy.

  3. yes well i have been told that i'm a wee bit on the crazy side. I must say it's a lot harder to paint the plastic miniatures than it is the metals but they do look nice when finished

  4. The unit with the Polish rose color facings is just fantastic - stunning!


  5. Beautiful work. I really like the shade of blue on the one general's cape.