Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Painting Victrix Old Guard part one

When I have finished all the stages i will put them all together as one big tutorial. 
This is what I've done in the past three days
(All paints are Vallejo unless stated.)

Stage one would be to undercoat  
as you can see this guy is gloss black but flat black is better the spray i used was labeled wrong but i'm sure once vanished they will be fine

 1. first paint Prussian  Dark blue  leaving black on belts and strapes
 2. paint Flat flesh on all skin you can leave black where the mustache is 
if you want i sometimes just paint it all in. The paint needs to be a good coat other wise when you put the wash on it won't look very good.
 3. In this picture I've applied a coat of Citadel ogryn flesh wash, don't apply to much or the face will come out redish. 

4. I've applied the flat flesh to the face  just on the raised pats  cheeks nose chin. The picture also shows  a face where I've complete cover the mustache, I would in this case paint the mustache black later.
Oh i dry brushed the hats because the gloss just got to me.
5. I've now applied the first highlight on the blue using intense blue. Apply the paint following the lines(creases) on the coat leave the shadow in the darker blue

6. the figure below has the second highlight. This is done by adding a very small amount of sky grey to intense blue once again paint in the direction of the folds and creases on the coat only where the sun would hit,eg. tops of arms on the stomach area between the buttons paint across the figure sideways. Make sure not to cover to much of highlight one.

7. also I've apply sky grey over all the areas that will end up white

Here's the 60 figures that I've now been working on for the past three days.


  1. 60 fig's??!! That would take me about 3 months to paint. Thanks for the step by step, always useful.

  2. WOW, I would be mad to paint so much figs.
    Suberb work this is!

  3. I'm impressed, not managed to get past half a dozen miniatures before my attention span wanders off to another project! Love the tutorial, you make it look easy. Thank you.

  4. Nice work............still trying to resist Naps......but your making it tough. Excellent tutorial.

  5. nice tutorial, I still cant paint faces to save my own life!

  6. Lovely work! I really like the blue colour that you've acheived. I wait for part II with great anticipation...