Monday, November 21, 2011

Front rank Limbers & commanders finished based

 I've finally got these lads finished ready to head off to there new home quite happy with the final result they will get a check over just before they go in the box i already notice a wee bit on a hat that need fixing but, its now onto the old guard which i stated yesterday they have there first coat of skin and blue on already so onward and upward


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  2. I removed the comments by awmale because they were not views that i want on my blog. please keep your comments aboput race politics and stuff like that to your own blogs thanks heaps

  3. Nice work Kent,
    The oxen etc are a nice addition to all the troops on the table top.

  4. The paintjob is well done!
    Love what you have done with those white coats!

  5. great work as always, I founf the Vixtrix stuff to much hassle to stick together (but them I am a lazy SOB)
    What projects you got lined up for next year then Kent

    Peace James

  6. For next year i have Romans two armies, Russian Naps British syw Hanoverian syw Modern muslims and British, teutonic knights & Alexander Nevskys Russians. Plus my ECW army needs starting more of my French Naps and i'm thinking of starting ACW 28mm should be enough to keep me busy.