Sunday, July 21, 2013

Front Rank Polish Lancers Finished, Middle Guard & Line inf based

I've really enjoyed painting these 24 Lancers, i was viewing Hussar Bobs blog and saw one he had done
so nice couldn't help myself so 12 days later they are complete

I've also based the two regiments of middle guard and one of line but i hadn't taken any pictures so here they are hope you like

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

28mm Front Rank Lancer 7 days in wip shots plus finished middle guard and bits

Below are a few shots of 24 polish lancers that i started last Tuesday they are starting to look the part now, the horses need a final highlight and the are quite a few small details yet to do but i hope to have them finished and based early next week so that i can start the old guard artillery(6 guns) and polish infantry( 3-4 Regiments, i also have some light French cav that i have started that need doing.
when the cav is finished ill try and get some better shots.

 I also need to do one more regiment of middle guard to finish giving me four regiments in total the acw were a few last miniute bits that i needed for our big game a couple of weeks back