Monday, December 31, 2012

28mm ACW artillery finished

 I based and finished my guns last night so that's 6 guns and crew in two days not to shabby
i've also complete 27 GNW infantry but the pictures will have to wait till i come back from Holidays

Sunday, December 30, 2012

2013 planning

Well another year is about to start and it's time to start thinking about plans for the coming year. 
First up I need to keep my self busy painting my American civil war army , I have around 160 infantry still to do then it's onto the cav and other bits and pieces
there are my Napoleonic French to finish another 200 or more figures there
Polish Napoleonic inf and cav to start
And also I am looking at completely stripping back and reprinting my fow German armies as my painting style has changed a lot since I first started painting.
The biggest difference this year is I will not be purchasing any figures that's nothing at all, this will be very difficult as I love buying miniatures, but I need to clear some space and save some money.
I have cut back my commission work but seem to be painting more miniatures for clients than ever before, but I want to try and slow down my painting on my own figures to see how good I can paint if I really try.
I think all these are achievable even if slightly challenging

Cheers to all that follow my blog I hope you all have a safe and happy new year


Friday, December 28, 2012

whats on the painting table, 28mm

 this week each morning other than Christmas day I've been working for and hour or two on these Great Northern Wars figures they are starting to get there and i hope to have them complete on sunday
 yesterday i decided to paint the seven guns and limber but what is wrong with this limber some idiot decided to glue the wheels in the wrong place, so this morning i cut them off drilled out the holes and glued them back on below is the correct limber

 the figures i did the base coats
 and today i decided to start and almost complete the crew as well as the lads on the limber the pants need a second coat and the jackets need the final highlight then just belts and buckles
So late last night after everyone went to bed i finished the crews and this morning based them so that they will be nice and dry for tomorrow some time to finish

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Acw first20 stands completed, based

 Here some pics of the ACW figures i've been working away at there are still the odd bit here and there which i haven't done so we have 20 bases done and about 35 still to go, today o did all the artillery pieces and a limber, i've done some of the crew but the rest are in mid stage

the figures are a mix of Perry plastics Perry metal and Sash & Saber miniatures
the flags are from free warflags

Monday, December 24, 2012

ACW basing started / Merry Christmas

 Well it's Christmas eve and what else would you do but finish painting 140 figures and then why not start basing them so , i did. I was going to wait until i'd completed them all but you knew that was never going to happen so with bases wet and sand piled high heres a couple of pics. this should inspire me to keep at them
there are 21 bases here and still quite a few in the box which i will mix in with the plastics to come. I just want to wish everyone a merry Christmas and a happy new year. have a good one

 As you can see i've mixed in quite a few casualties for a bit of a laugh, quite like them did a couple of bases being shot to bits. you might have noticed that i haven't painted the drums yet , i think i can still do a good job on the bigger base

Friday, December 21, 2012

28m ACW army progress report 2

 I've been working away on these guys while doing other projects so they arn't going as fast as i'd like but still progressing the first two photos are of box 1 they are nearly done still have second coat of white on water bottle straps and brown on water bottle and some need hair done
 the photo below is of box 2 they have as you can see a bit more yet to finish, i hope to have box 1,2 done by Christmas so i'd better pull my finger out.
  this box 3 i started on Monday and have been doing it at work in my lunch times the left side has three coats of blue right side two,the skin is complete, Ii've done four in total pants need another coat then i can start work on the finer bits
first coat of skin done on box 4 and started the first layer of green on the guns and limbers
 and one box 5, to start
and thats it other than a few boxes of cav and a wagon which still needs glueing up

Saturday, December 15, 2012

28mm foundry Roman legionaries

this is part of an army that i'm working away at on the side while doing other jobs mainly my acw which i had another go at today, it's nice to have little units to knock out while doing bigger jobs, i have only to finish the basing and they will be ready to go.

figures based and finished this past week

i actually finished these guys a couple of weeks ago but forgot to put there final shots up
Last night i completed the Roman foot to go with these guys just need to paint the bases and all's done

Thursday, December 13, 2012

flames of war smashed

So the other night i had a great game of flames of war so what do is put the box on the ground by the car while i put another container in the car and identically give the box a good kick and smash the lot, bummer 

Friday, December 7, 2012

Union ACW WIP update

Hi guys, yes i'm back to work on the ACW army there's 141 infantry plus 6 command  in this batch plus 1 horse holder and 3 horse. today after 4hours  i finished the jackets with there final highlights and made sure that all the pants are the same base coat after deciding not to keep the ones i had already painted but to repaint them

 next to complete will be to do the next two layers on all the pants, some are already done but not that many.  so that's it for now