Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Acw first20 stands completed, based

 Here some pics of the ACW figures i've been working away at there are still the odd bit here and there which i haven't done so we have 20 bases done and about 35 still to go, today o did all the artillery pieces and a limber, i've done some of the crew but the rest are in mid stage

the figures are a mix of Perry plastics Perry metal and Sash & Saber miniatures
the flags are from free warflags


  1. They look wonderful Kent, the basing just tying everything together perfectly.

  2. Brilliant - your painting really zings when displayed en mass. Your output is staggering too.

  3. These are just wonderful Kent! Excellent!

  4. These look fabulously dynamic, seems you had some fun composing these. We just based a colossal amount too, two of us took four evenings to do it - my how the time flew!
    Can't wait to see the others and maybe some in game shots?
    Happy New Year,

  5. Typically high standard we get from you Kent. Love the varied poses, just staggering when they are all together


  6. Quite an 'eye-popping' display of troops, posing, and finely detailed bases. Salute!