Saturday, April 30, 2011

28mm Front Rank Syw Austrian light infantry

I've been painting a lot of different things lately but it's time to hit the Austrians again this week I started two Regiments of Infantry One i completed today and the other is about 70% finished so will post next week some time These are Oesterreich Ungarn light infantry, I have only 4 Infantry and two cav left to do then onto the British or Hanoverians. I went mad and purchased about 100 cav and 200 0r more infantry and some guns English civil war, Foundry and old glory plus a Elcid  army from Black tree and another box turned up from Battle front so there's a lot of work piling up in cupboard.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

15mm Old Glory Persian army completed

I did a bit more work on John's Persian army last night and today and other than a final look over to make sure i haven't missed anything they are done i'm quite happy with the end result even though with the lightingaround here with the weather i haven't managed to get many good photos sorry guys

The army totals are 47 Persian foot
12 Archers
62 Cavalry mix of persian and greek
64 Greek mercianaries

Monday, April 25, 2011

Impetus Demonstration game at Nationals

Craig and i went up to Christchurch to put on a demonstration day  on Friday to try and drum up a bit of interest for Impetus competition that we are putting on at Tagcon this year Rome verses her enemies and she seem to have a few.
It was a great day out and many people stopped and asked about how the rules worked, they seem impressed with the flow of the game and the look all round a great Day. It was Sryians against my early Crusades and even though it was a very close run game and i thought i was about to hit the wall as my right flank started to melt away the dismounted knight put in a sterling effort to smash the opposing force and snatch the game right at the end. My son Justin came up and commanded the second half of the force and even though it took him a while to get into combat he did very well for his first game of Impetus.
Below are a few pictures of the game.

Let the games begin

 Here's Craig setting up his forces
As you can see i've gone for the tried and test one edge to the other defence
 Pooch moves his forces up it takes a couple of turns to get with  striking distance Justin and I send our archers and crossbow forward to nip at Craig and Pooches forces as they advances and before you know it arrows are flying from both sides the syrians seem to be getting the upper hand with their heavier fire power.

By this point my knights have charge off into the sunset and managed to get themselves killed  on a mass role of 5 six'sby Pooches light horse archers ( that hurt) now Pooches light and medium cave are harsing my crossbow ready to come around behind my foot knights but my crossbow unleast hell upon him and stop his advance

another shoot here you can see my foot knights seeing off Pooches light foot

a close up of the close combat  Pooch was hoping to make contact first but i managed to charge home first 

Justins forces press on into the fray

Justins General was pepper with flights of arrows and taken out of the game

 Still his forces manage to hold on and take out just enough of Crags forces to win us the game

My knights in pile of dead in the corner they almost lost us the game
 But Craigs pile of dead were just that much bigger
A great game all round lots of fun with a good bunch of guys thats what wargames is all about

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Gripping Beast 28mm buildings

I purchased a few buildings last week after turning up to the club and seeing that Craig had purchased a few for himself they are real nice see what you think. I painted them up almost as soon as they arrived in the door. Might need to get a few more yet but its a start.


Friday, April 15, 2011

15mm Old Glory Greek hoplites shield designs

 I started work on the Greek part of John's Persian army on thursday night , Last night i painted the shields. This is half of the Greeks. Still have another coat of skin belts and highlight on the armour yet but i'm starting to get there.  actually really enjoyed painting these shields, they were quite a challange and it might be time to start my last batch of new brushes,

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

15mm Persian infantry, 28mm Foundry Romans

Sorry about the quality of the pictures this time around
I  painted these guys up last night,still have the belts and small amount of detail to go. I have the command figures to do, a 4 horse chariot and heaps of Greeks still but getting there. Need to have these completed soon as I want to knock out 3 Regiments of Syw Austrians before Tackling a new 15mm AB Austrian army, looks like my lads will go back on the shelf for a while. I also purchased some Gripping beast Huts and a stone church so can't wait till theyarrive. Also had some Eygptian terrian pieces turn up for next years project.

28mm Foundry Romans
I've been slowly working along on the first stage of a new roman army
which i started last week they are in varied stages of skin application some have two coats some three and the odd one  or two have only one coat, when it comes to my own stuff i am so unorganised.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

more 28mm Perry Crusaders infantry plus more

With my wife away for the past few days i decided to finish off my Crusaders army with 24 more foot to do, I also start 60, 15mm persians infantry, I put the first coat of skin on 72 28mm syw infantry and last night after destroying Craigs Syrian army in a great game, I came home and paint three coats of silver and a coat of off white and a wash before finally going to bed. I put first coat of skin on half of the around 50 roman figures at lunch time

.So here's some pictures of the finished 24 Crusaders and then of the finished army ( when i say finished thats until i buy some more.) You might notice i don't have any banners yet, just haven't worked out what i'm doing yet i did put one on but it's from denmark so not quite what i'm after.