Saturday, April 30, 2011

28mm Front Rank Syw Austrian light infantry

I've been painting a lot of different things lately but it's time to hit the Austrians again this week I started two Regiments of Infantry One i completed today and the other is about 70% finished so will post next week some time These are Oesterreich Ungarn light infantry, I have only 4 Infantry and two cav left to do then onto the British or Hanoverians. I went mad and purchased about 100 cav and 200 0r more infantry and some guns English civil war, Foundry and old glory plus a Elcid  army from Black tree and another box turned up from Battle front so there's a lot of work piling up in cupboard.


  1. Lovely job - they'll look great when finished. Bought and painted these figures a few years ago - some of the best FR SYW figs IMO. Good news is that the uniforms for Grenzers didn't change much until about the early Napoleonic wars (check Dave Hollins' Osprey on the Austrians) so these guys will be able to take on just about anyone! - they look like they're up for it too!


  2. Fantastic painting - as usual. These guys really look impressive. I've never seen SYW figures so colorful and unique as the ones you've been painting. Regards, Dean

  3. thanks guys your very kind with your comments, i must admit i really enjoy painting front rank figures they are some of the best, makes my life easier

  4. Great work, are these a commission or are they yours? If yours, I didn't know that you were into SYW as well.. very cool whoever these belong to.


  5. they are part of an ongoing commission