Tuesday, April 12, 2011

15mm Persian infantry, 28mm Foundry Romans

Sorry about the quality of the pictures this time around
I  painted these guys up last night,still have the belts and small amount of detail to go. I have the command figures to do, a 4 horse chariot and heaps of Greeks still but getting there. Need to have these completed soon as I want to knock out 3 Regiments of Syw Austrians before Tackling a new 15mm AB Austrian army, looks like my lads will go back on the shelf for a while. I also purchased some Gripping beast Huts and a stone church so can't wait till theyarrive. Also had some Eygptian terrian pieces turn up for next years project.

28mm Foundry Romans
I've been slowly working along on the first stage of a new roman army
which i started last week they are in varied stages of skin application some have two coats some three and the odd one  or two have only one coat, when it comes to my own stuff i am so unorganised.

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  1. They are looking good! I kinda miss them...oh well. Enjoy them mate