Friday, August 26, 2011

28mm Front rank Dragoons finished

Poor old Reg has been waiting for these guys for a while as i have been concentrating on my Napoleonices for the past six weeks and have done as much of his figures, I am in the process of doing a Modern british test figure think it will be all right.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

28mm Lasalle game

 Well we had  our first game last night and it was  a lot of fun lots of rule checks and a few things to look up great fun.Sadly left my camera at home , Craig was kind enough to send me a couple of pictures. Neither of us had enough to be the attacker so  we  just put the armies down and started the game, in the end i attacked across the board while Craig advanced and met me in the middle. my attack down the left side with the heavy cav fell to bits as canister ripped them to bit, same happen to my infantyr as they charged the guns in the middle i throw in 8 assualts  and failed 7 killed 1 battalion lost 1 by this time because of the fact we were learning time was nearing an end i lost my heavy cav next turn and then i killed another Battalion a fun first game. I need to do some more cav before next week. visit Craig's blog for more info
I didn't quite finish the basing before the game and my flags hadn't turned up from GMB oh well

Man those Russian are rather nasty they got the bonus 2 dice every time

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Gaming tomorrow can i get them finished

 You'll have to excuse my painting on this figure i supposed to look up and find out who he was but because i was in a hurry just slapped on a bit of paint for tomorrow nights game he will be repainted later if he's lucky if not he will find a place at the back of my gaming cupboard poor lad.

Here i am my first game of Laselle in 28mm tomorrow but i'm not finished yet. I've still got to undercoat the bases and then paint and grass them. 
 there's one light battalion two 5.5inch guns 9 skirmishers and 3 generals to go and this is just the beginning of my army who new two months ago i'd be painting 28mm Napoleonic's 

 I'm really happy with these guys the first of my Front rank figures. I intend to completely replace all plastics with front rank figures in the end

Friday, August 19, 2011

28mm french and Austrians

I finished the next three french infantry battalions and based them up today they don't have the tufts of grass on them yet because its on order. and they still have the odd bit of detail to go but needed them based for a game mid week

These are the first of the Front rank figures that i undercoated the other day, I'm trialing a new way of doing my skin

Below are the last batch to finish Reg's Austrian syw army
they actually have a bit still to go the drum needs finishing and another coat of skin, and some hear needs finishing, for some reason i thought they were ready to go based them and then noticed that they weren't quite done oh well something else to do.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

28mm the next batch started

Thought i'd post a couple of pictures of the madness that is my life at the moment. Not only am i finishing Reg's Dragoons , I'm about 85% finished my next box of Perry plastic French and some Perry metal command figures but here's the next batch of figures undercoated 

1st up a commission for Reg some Modern British para's and Taliban figures. Should be interesting never painted anything like this before and will have to work out the triads for the British uniforms, If anyone out there knows please let me know. I'm not doing the new uniform
and also there are  two 5.5inch guns on this picture for me.

and if that's not enough this is my order front Front Rank if i wasn't busy enough, Oh well its as cold as outside snowed a bit today and supposed to for the next two days time to paint i do think

Friday, August 12, 2011

Fame's of war birthday bash

My son Justin had three friends over tonight and Craig and i help Justin put on a flames of war games they had a lot of fun Luke and Tom had never played before and Brennan had had one game.

Brennan takes aim and draws first blood knocking out one of Luke shermans while sending his second platoon down the left flank, Justin at the other end advances but gets no hits
 Above Luke advances and fires no hits Brennan then takes out another sherman and the first of 7 kills on lukes infantry he fails 6 in a row before making a save not the best
while below Tom deploy's his m4's and fire 8 shot no hits he advances all his sherman's and takes out a Stug's
Justin in his next turn falls back behind the hill and regroups 

This is the face of a young man that has just failed his seveth infantry save
 It starts to look hopeless for the Americans as all the German tanks move forward for the kill
 the end is very near as there is only one M10 left and that's about to die to Justin IV
the , this is all that is left 3 stands of infantry

 the defeated, the dice just let them down
 the victors, all in all a fun game for everyone. Happy birthday J

28mm Perry infantry

here is were I'm at as far as the Infantry so far still have a long way to go I've done enough for 4 Battalions but i'm still working on the command stands i should have enough done next week to do 6 or 7 Battalions.
Craig has asked if I'll have enough done for our first game in two weeks, he's been painting up a Russian army at the same time as i have oh the madness

28mm Napoleonic French artillery based and finished

 These are the first part of my artillery i still have 2 5.5inch guns plus two 6pdr with horse and limbers to go yet I'm very please with the final out come. I decided to do an extra layer in the blue. I did Prussian blue the devlin mud wash then Prussian blue leaving small amounts of the first two coats then i did intense blue with flat blue as my final highlight. the figures are all Perry metals they are very very nice figures.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

28mm Perry french artillery and infantry

 these are some of my six pounder's

I've been working on these guys along with a new batch of infantry over the past week tonight i finished basing them and will post some shots in the next few days here are a few shots of where i was at lunch time today.

It's a bit like a factory around here as one lot is being finish the next is half way through and the next is being prepared and sprayed, another box of front Rank french turn up this week, I started thinking about this army only two months ago and have another 4 months before our big Waterloo demo game I've spent over $1000 so far and can see that this is going to be a very deep hole for my cash.  The one thing is I'm really enjoying the army and getting a lot of practice doing blue.

Nothing quite like facing 12pdrs

these guys make 4 Battalions done

Friday, August 5, 2011

28mm Perry French gun crews

Hi guys sorry about there being not to may posts I took photos of the last lot of work and sent the figures away and the pics where no good so I've started my gun crews i bought 10 guns and 2 limbers from Perry Miniatures they are very nice haven't finished them yet but here's the first pics hope you like

Just put on a base coat of blak on the hats will follow up with German grey shade before adding red and gold, the faces still have one more coat to go as well as other bits here and there. Oh and i've just found 6 more figures i undercoated but missed in the paint up poo