Sunday, August 14, 2011

28mm the next batch started

Thought i'd post a couple of pictures of the madness that is my life at the moment. Not only am i finishing Reg's Dragoons , I'm about 85% finished my next box of Perry plastic French and some Perry metal command figures but here's the next batch of figures undercoated 

1st up a commission for Reg some Modern British para's and Taliban figures. Should be interesting never painted anything like this before and will have to work out the triads for the British uniforms, If anyone out there knows please let me know. I'm not doing the new uniform
and also there are  two 5.5inch guns on this picture for me.

and if that's not enough this is my order front Front Rank if i wasn't busy enough, Oh well its as cold as outside snowed a bit today and supposed to for the next two days time to paint i do think


  1. Just a couple of days work there!! I would be happy if I could get that lot done inside a year. Good luck and keep warm. Snow has started up here in the last hour or so.

  2. That looks like a lot of work to do. Go on can't wait to see the progress!


  3. Wow! Business looks good for you! I look forward to seeing the finished works. Best, Dean

  4. I'd be lucky to get all that done in *two* years!

    "Madness" is the best way you could describe this, can't wait to watch this all transpire.

  5. Rather you than me Kent. Dale is keen for the 600 pt FoW game on Wednesday

    Polytech is closed today so is a day of painting up some Russian artillery for me :)


  6. You'll knock those out in no time!!! he he! I'm glad to report we've No snow here in Kent, infact I got a little sunburnt today!

  7. Wow, a lot of painting there. Good luck!

  8. Sun burnt whats sun when i woke up this morning there was snow on the ground but at breakfast it started raining and hasn't stopped all day. Oh and i have done the skin and pants and blue of around 30 figures so far as well as all the white piping on another 60 odd figures back to the brushes

  9. That's my yearly output (well make it 2 years)!